Adwoa Aboah just blasted Kim Kardashian on Instagram, insisting she’s ‘no icon’

Adwoa Aboah has thrown some serious shade at Kim Kardashian earlier this week and we might be seeing the start of a new celebrity feud.

It all kicked off on Monday when Kim Kardashian picked up an inaugural gong called the Influencer award at the renowned CFDA Awards. The win came not long after the reality star met with President Donald Trump to ask that he granted clemency to a woman serving a life sentence in prison – thanks to Kim Kardashian’s efforts to bring Alice Johnson’s case to the spotlight, the 63-year-old has had her life changed and is now free.

Taking to Instagram to share her congratulations Winnie Harlow shared a photo of her and Kim at the CFDA ceremony and wrote a touching homage to the star:

“One of the realist and most down to earth people in any industry I’ve ever been around, I always Love being around you. Thank you for being you. If anyone understands not initially being accepted in an industry you adore like I do, it’s you! And now the Influencer Award at the @cfda ‘s?!? No one can ever take that away from you! Keep inspiring woman around the world to be themselves Unapologetically. Against every naysayer you’re you and i adore your strength ??❤️ love you @kimkardashian Congratulations!” (sic)

Before Kim had a chance to reply to the sweet message, supermodel Adwoa Aboah decided to share her thoughts on the post, writing in the comment section:

“Is this a joke babe?… In what world has she inspired women to be themselves? ‘She is no icon nor an Influencer and I find it completely crazy that anyone would think she was. @winnieharlow.”

Winnie replied to the message in a polite manner explaining why she wrote the message to Kim in the first place: ‘We’ve all been up against all kinds in these industries. I may not agree with everything Anyone does but I show love where I feel its due…and a woman being herself against everything is admirable. I’ve done dumb things and learned to correct because we’re all human. I’m still beat up for things and I understand how it feels.” (sic)

She continued: “I do think she inspires others to be themselves… Maybe I just want to see the best in people. There are negatives to everything but… she’s a great human being”.

Kim either didn’t see Adwoa’s post or just decided to ignore it, but she did reply to Winnie, thanking her and saying: “This is the sweetest message! I appreciate it so much! And you have helped me in more ways than you know ❤️. Love you!”

In an age were feminism is finally thriving, empowered women should certainly lift each other up and not bring other women down. We’re not saying Adwoa shouldn’t speak her mind, but knowing the Kardashian-Wests’ love for a feud, you know this won’t end up well.

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