April 24, 2024

Adele’s eyeliner has become an icon in its own right

The retro ’60s liner and coquettish dolly lashes are a look that the star has made her trademark since her debut in 2007 with her album 19 and her smash hit, Hometown Glory. And, 14 years later, the flick may have got a little slicker and more elongated, but she remains just as committed.

Few artists can be instantly recognised by their beauty look. There’s Bowie’s lightning stripe, Amy Winehouse’s jumbo liner, Ariana’s ponytail and Cher’s waist-length raven black hair. But if we were to name a beauty look that’s quite as iconic as Adele, it would have to be her signature winged liner.

After a five-year hiatus, Adele re-emerged with a 20-second clip on Instagram, teasing a pretty piano riff and those famously winged almond eyes. There could be no doubt as to who both belonged too.

And to cement her return, the multi-grammy award winner took to the cover of Vogue, hailing her new album, 30, and some serious liner action. Adele was so taken by the work of her glam squad, she shouted them out in an Instagram post: “To glam, wardrobe, the crew, and everyone at British Vogue… In the words of Pat McGrath, Adele’s makeup artist for the shoot herself – ‘MAJJJJJOOORRR BAAAAABBBEZZZZ’”.

It’s undeniable. No-one does liner quite like Adele. And, within one hour of the release of trailer for her newest hit, Easy On Me, searches for “Adele Makeup” explode by 9,900%, according to Just My Look. Evidently, we all want in on the action.

Luckily, we have all the details on the products and hacks makeup legend, Pat McGrath used to create the liner the star wore on Vogue’s front cover.

Beautiful wavy haircuts if your hair isn’t curly, but isn’t dead straight either

If your hair isn’t dead straight, but it’s not curly either, chances are you’re a wavy girl looking for some fire wavy haircuts. The pretty texture is a stunning blend of both – lucky you – but styling can be tricky, especially since waves often lack uniformity.

That said, with a natural hair rebellion in full swing, and a chance to appreciate our God-given texture over the past year, we’re seeing more and more women embrace their strands: waves and all. In fact, the variety of bends, swirls and kinks just adds to the versatility, giving your hair its own signature texture that no-one else has. How cool is that?

If you’re not a wavy girl but you love the look, you’re welcome, too. Hair tools and styling techniques mean you can tap into the texture and make it your own. Ditto wavy girls looking to make their own strands look a little more polished, or a little more roughed-up.

Sleeping in buns and plaits can both enhance a more laid back, irregular and messy texture, as can waving your hair in different directions with different wave-styles (S-bends, beach waves, mermaid waves) using a straightener. Or, symmetrical styling can give glam Hollywood waves.

Either way, there’s plenty of ways to slay waves no matter your hair length or cut. From short wavy haircuts, to shoulder length waves, wavy pixie cuts, derriere-grazing length or midi waves, we have all the inspo you need.

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