Million Reasons

Woman Made Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” All About Raisins, and a Parody Star Was Born

There could be a hundred other videos trending on the internet right now, but there’s only one that I’d happily agree to watch on a loop for the rest of my days. That video is this side-splitting parody of Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” that actor Elena Skopetos brilliantly turned into a ballad about nothing other than “A Million Raisins.”

Skopetos is a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, and in the video, she sits at a piano in a blonde wig and a fedora, soulfully airing out her grievances after an acquaintance gave her the ultimate gift of a million raisins.

“You handed me a million raisins / Give me a million raisins / That is just too many raisins / Where’d you get those raisins,” she sang throughout the song before two male dancers appeared on stage with a pitcher of raisins that they handed out to the audience. .. and later fed to Skopetos by the handful. Watch the hilarious video for yourself above.

When the Cast of Descendants Isn’t Filming, They’re Chillin’ Like Villains Together

The kids of the Isle of the Lost stick together, and the same goes for the Descendants cast. When they’re not filming the hit Disney Channel movies, the stars are chillin’ like villains together. Whether they’re having fun on the red carpet or snapping selfies together on set, it’s clear that the cast has a wickedly sweet bond.

Before they all share the screen again in Descendants 3, see some of their best moments offscreen ahead!

41 Gorgeous and Unique Names For Babies Born in 2019

As someone with a unique name, I have a few guidelines for choosing uncommon names – if you’re thinking of choosing one for your child, it should be easy enough to read and pronounce for most people, otherwise it can be a little isolating for your child to have to reintroduce themselves a million times or suffer through handfuls of misspellings and mispronunciations.

That said, a unique name will set your child apart from the kids in their classes with popular trendy names and give them an edge.

Ahead, our favorite unique names for babies in 2019 – for both boys and girls.

The Shoes You’re Seeing All Over Instagram, and Exactly Where to Buy Them

As fashion editors, we’ve long been curating a list of covetable shoes in the “collections” folder of our Instagram. We figured, why not share it with you? Whether it’s the new Nikes that just dropped (and we’re already dying to wear with a flowy Summer dress) or it’s a lesser-known brand all our favorite influencers have been tagging, we’re here to spotlight the latest and greatest, all in one place.

Each Tuesday, we’ll update this space with fresh must-have footwear that’s bubbling up in our feeds, and we’ll direct you to the right shopping destination. All you need to do? Press “add to cart.”

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