April 13, 2024

Adam DeVine’s Disastrous Audition For Pitch Perfect

While sitting down with James Corden on Wednesday night,theJexiactorrecalled how his involvement in the a cappella film franchise came to be. Spoiler alert: he thought he was auditioning for a baseball movie.

I imagine that auditioning for a movie is stressful. Nerve-racking. Difficult. One might even want to throw up, at times! (Can you tell I have stage fright yet? ) But if you’re Adam DeVine, it seems like it’s as easy as walking into a room full of strangers completely unprepared for the task at hand and singing the first, most profane song that comes to mind. . . because that’s exactly what he did when auditioning to play Bumper in Pitch Perfect.

“I read the sides, and I was like, ‘wow, there’s a lot of singing in this baseball movie,’” he laughed. “And then I realized what it was, and I go in the audition room, and they were like ‘what song did you prepare? ’ and I’m like, ‘I didn’t prepare a song. Take it or leave it. ‘” Alas, the casting director wasn’t impressed, and DeVine had to improvise. “I just sang that song that was popular on the radio at that time, which was, ‘Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass. . . ‘”

In the end, the Big Sean track didn’t do the trick either, and DeVine had to choose yet another (and equally bizarre) song to perform. Watch his hilarious retelling of the story above!

Walmart Just Dropped Exclusive Frozen 2 Toys and Costumes You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

An impressive amount of Frozen 2 toys hit shelves last week, and if they’ve been getting your little one excited about the film’s release, they’ll be even more pumped to learn about exclusive costumes and merchandise that just landed at Walmart.

The store wants customers to “Join the Journey” with newly released exclusive Frozen 2 costumes and toys that they can’t get anywhere else. Bookmark this for your holiday shopping now, or check out what’s available and get ahead of your Halloween costume shopping.

Earthquake Bird: The Trailer For Alicia Vikander’s Netflix Film Will Make You Paranoid AF

Susanna Jones’s haunting novel Earthquake Bird is being adapted for the big screen thanks to Netflix and producer Ridley Scott, and the film’s tense and twisty movie trailer will make you understandably paranoid. (You’ve been warned. )

Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander takes the lead in Wash Westmoreland’s atmospheric psychological thriller as Lucy Fly, an expat who moves to Tokyo in 1989 in an effort to escape a painful past. She soon strikes up a romance with the intense Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi), a local photographer who’s obsessed with taking photos of her, and becomes close friends with fellow transplant Lily (Riley Keough). As her relationships with both individuals deepen, Lucy finds herself questioning reality, especially when Lily goes missing and the police arrive at Lucy’s door.

Did Lucy kill her? Can she be trusted? Watch the trailer above to see if you can untangle the mystery, and then be sure to check out the film when it arrives in select theaters on Nov. 1 and begins streaming on Netflix on Nov. 15.

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