Crimping has had a modern makeover and we’re back on board

God I loved the 90s. I had a Babyliss hair tool I’d use to twist two strands together. Then to really razz things up, I’d add multi-coloured beads at the bottom. I’m telling you, it was a look. Now though, where’s the playfulness? Where’s the JLo bandanas, the Britney bunches and the fluffy pink hairbands?

Admittedly, twenty years on, they’re possibly slightly trickier to pull off. But, there’s one style that’s been quietly infiltrating Instagram for some time. Crimping – just, not as we remember. Ultra compact, Lady Marmalade zigzags have stretched into a looser, more modern style. In contrast to beach waves, it’s tighter and more deliberate, but it still feels casual, wearable and cool.

Already celeb fans like Sophie Turner, Kim Kardashian, Joan Smalls and Amanda Seyfried are dipping their toe into the trend. But rather than looking too regimented, the messy, tousled approach keeps it fresh.

The tools required have grown up with us, too. Amika’s High Tide Deep Waver (£90) and Beauty Works’ Waver (£69.99) look sleek and futuristic. The triple barrels look more complex than our usual curling wands, but they’re easy and intuitive to use.

As with ye olde crimping, you clamp the tool down on sections of hair, moving it along the shaft from the top to the bottom, but because the bends are bigger, you can cover wider chunks more quickly. A key tip, for keeping the look modern, is to start two or three inches from your roots, then stopping an inch or two short of your ends (no poodle hair here).

More effort is required than your usual straightener or tongs – but, honestly, not a lot more. And, why not. Why not dedicate a little extra time to creating something that brings the joy? This is an updated throwback that gives us 90s playfulness, but with a sleeker, grown-up vibe. What’s not to like.

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