Acupuncture helps in the fight against overweight, but is not suitable for people with a low pain threshold

The expression “as on needles” we use when we are nervous or worried. Those who have ever visited real acupuncture know about the true meaning of expression. 

Pleasant little, but the feedback of those who helped this method and treatment, are forced to believe and tolerate.

How much the ancient Chinese method helps a modern person, from which it can be cured with a set of medical needles and how safe it is, the correspondent of SE recognized.

Points of influence

In ancient times, it was observed that various ways to affect certain areas of the human body – injections, burns or even bruises – bring relief under certain conditions. Over time, knowledge has formed in the system, and now reflexotherapy as a science for more than three thousand years. The method consists in influencing certain zones of the body – the so-called biologically active points. They are located along the lines called meridians.

According to the eastern philosophical tradition, the life energy of a person is flowing along these meridians, and at points – it comes to the surface.

Those who do not believe in the existence of invisible energy explain the mechanism of action of reflexotherapy from the point of view of physiology: “The points, called biologically active, are in places of passage of nerve trunks, vascular bundles, in anatomical depressions.

As the doctor of the highest category, the neurologist-reflexologist of the clinic “Catharsis” Lyudmila Bolshakova, when irritating certain points in a person, changes in the value of blood pressure, indications of the cardiogram, the chemical composition of the blood and even the acidity of the gastric juice are recorded.

Slowly and correctly

There are many ways to influence the point that triggers the reaction of the answer. As traditional (moxibustion, heating, injections with needles or special hammers), and modern, for example, exposure to a laser, magnets or electrical impact. From traditional methods, acupuncture and cauterization of points with the help of wormwood cones are most often used. Methods, according to which you will put needles, also a few: impact on the points of the auricles, on certain areas of the back or su-jok therapy, when the projections of organs on the palms and feet are used.

What to expect from needles is not exactly worth it – it’s instantaneous impact. According to reflexotherapists, most people need several courses for 10-15 sessions, and almost always treatment is accompanied by an acute exacerbation.

“When exposed to certain parts of the body, the so-called compensatory possibilities of the body, what is called hidden reserves, are included. In other words, the treatment here is not directly, but indirectly, and therefore it is longer “

– Victor Drobyshev explains. “The most successful reflexology copes with neurological disorders,” says Lyudmila Bolshakova, “it’s migraines, headaches and bad sleep, a syndrome of autonomic dysfunction, conditions accompanied by impaired blood circulation, and also helps where pain relief is required.” Doctors specify that the ability to help the frustrated nervous system is one of the main properties of the impact with the help of needles, because in this case the irritating effect on the point of accumulation of nerve endings is maximized.

“Reflexotherapy can be applied, but this is far from a panacea, often it should be used in combination with the main method of treatment and should not be prescribed to those who have contraindications to this. For example, people with bleeding disorders, various neoplasms or the elderly, who may have a hidden course of a disease, “adds Lyudmila Latyntseva, head of the department of therapy at the Research Institute of Therapy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

The umbrella puncture

Those who doubt the effect of acupuncture, as a rule, give the following arguments:

The reflexotherapy method does not apply to evidence-based medicine. In other words, science did not give an exact and definitive answer to how the method works. The mechanism of action on acupuncture points is still being debated even among those who use it. According to Viktor Drobyshev, the main point here is: for large-scale studies conducted on a certain protocol, large funds are required. It can afford a large pharmaceutical company to design a particular medicine. In the case of non-traditional medicine, there is nobody to do this.

People with a lowered pain threshold can really experience very unpleasant sensations. And with this you can not argue.

Some doctors-acupuncturists note that if a person experiences pain and negative feelings, this can worsen the results. The auto-suggestion factor works in any field of medicine. 

Increased risk
Against the backdrop of a general boom about the risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis, any intervention seems logical enough to be potentially dangerous. According to Mr. Drobyshev, self-respecting centers use disposable needles. However, this always remains on their conscience.

Faith in a miracle

One more thing: today some centers, having picked up a fashionable trend, invite to lose weight by means of reflexotherapy. As Ulyana Konovalova, acupuncturist of the medical center Harmony, says, methods of normalizing excess weight do exist, but if the treatment does not occur against the background of a change in the habitual way of life, the effect will be short-lived. But the condition of the skin acupuncture can improve, but also not at the expense of a miracle: after all, most skin problems arise due to malfunctions in the internal organs, usually the gastrointestinal tract.

Needle reflexology can relieve you of neck pain, but it will not save you from sitting in an office chair for many hours, it will help with stomach pains, but it will not get rid of the habit of snacking on the go. Perhaps this should be remembered before you start looking for another method of “getting back to basics”?

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