Olga Kurylenko reveals she has ‘completely recovered’ from Coronavirus

Speaking to her 633,000 Instagram followers alongside a photo of her celebrating Mother’s Day wearing a mask at home with her child, Olga said: “To recapitulate: For one week I felt pretty bad and was mostly in bed, sleeping, with high fever and strong headache.

Olga Kurylenko joined the likes of fellow celebrities, Tom Hanks and Idris Elba, when she tested positive for Coronavirus last Monday.

The former Bond Girl has now revealed on Instagram that she has ‘completely recovered’ from the virus.

“The second week, the fever was gone but some light cough appeared, and I felt very tired. By the end of the second week I felt totally fine. Cough is almost gone although I still cough in the mornings but then it completely goes away for the day! I’m fine! And now I’m just enjoying this time to reflect on many things and spend my time with my son,” she concluded.

This post came after the 40-year-old posted an update on her condition four days ago where she revealed she was self-isolating at home in London. “Hello everyone! I’m feeling better today. My fever is gone! I hear people can’t figure out where I currently am. I’m in London,” she said.

Olga continued to say: “How do I know it’s Coronavirus and not just a flu? I did a test for Coronavirus which came back positive,” before revealing that doctors had not prescribed anything for her treatment, aside from taking paracetamol.

“What are the medicines that doctors prescribed as treatment? NONE. I was told to take paracetamol in case my fever was too high and if I was in too much pain. However, I do take vitamins and supplements. Please note that these vitamins do NOT cure Coronavirus but only help the immune system be stronger in order to fight,” she said.

Last Monday, The Quantum of Solace star revealed she was battling with a 102F fever and was refused a bed because the hospital wards were ‘full’ of patients ‘struggling with life.’ Olga also revealed the. Coronavirus test was undertaken by taking a swab from her throat.

If you are worried you may be suffering with Coronavirus symptoms, read our guide to Coronavirus facts.

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