Acne sufferers swear this £15 clay mask cured their spots overnight

Acne – not just a teenager’s problem, as many of us are painfully aware. It’s estimated that 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 have suffered with it, and a 2016 study of private dermatology, clinics reported the numbers of adults seeking treatment had risen 200% in a year.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you’ll probably have tried many different creams and acne treatments in an attempt to get rid of it. Many products claim to be miracle cures, but when we hear that thousands of sufferers are raving about the spot-clearing properties of a mask (and even better, that it costs just £15), we take notice.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask has gained a cult following, with users claiming it not only leaves their skin soft and glowing, but also doubles as an overnight spot treatment. Innisfree says the mask’s natural volcanic scoria has powerful sebum control properties, which makes it an excellent acne buster.

And customers agree. One Reddit user posted: “I dabbed some clay on two particularly large acne spots that hadn’t quite come to head yet. Lo and behold, the next day they pretty much flattened out entirely. The red mark is still there but it’s nowhere as huge of a bump as it was before.”

Acne sufferers swear this £15 clay mask cured their spots overnight

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Another wrote: “I woke up this morning and the bigger pimples had come to a head and the redness was gone, while the smaller pimples just disappeared!

“I used a cotton bud to swab some clay and placed it on the areas where I had acne, making sure to cover the perimeter of the whole acne. When I woke up the clay was still in tact but the acne was not.”

Yet another said: “I always do this, almost nightly. It works so well – in the morning they aren’t inflamed and my skin isn’t red. I swear by this.”

The Innisfree mask also has fans on YouTube, with vlogger dygans90 sharing a rave review after using it regularly, twice a week. “I can see a vast improvement in my skin… before I would have a lot of eruptions on my face which I am just so annoyed about and some bumps appearing on my forehead as well, and this mask plays a really important part in reducing all of that. My skin has been clearing up ever since I started to apply it.”

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