June 17, 2024

Acne sufferers are calling this model ‘insensitive’ after she shared a photo of her spots

One Australian fitness model used the social media network to speak openly about her spots. Steph Claire Smith posted a selfie on Instagram and drew attention to her pimples by writing: “Meet B1 and B2 – my pimples that decided to join my face today. ”

From showing off scars in the most empowering way to proudly showcasing natural hairstyles, Instagram has become a powerful platform for men and women to get candid about their bodies.

Her snap left her followers divided in their opinion; while some praised her for speaking about her skin insecurities, others hailed her as insensitive.

As reported on MailOnline, one commenter wrote: “Do you understand how insensitive and offensive it is to your followers who actually have bad skin when you are complaining about having two tiny pimples? One that you literally cannot even see? Get a grip hun. ”

Steph didn’t leave the comment unnoticed and responded saying: “Sorry I forgot that I’m not human and can’t complain about anything. You’re totally right. ”

Many of Steph’s fans rushed to support her, with one fan writing: “People are so quick to assume that influencers are being hurtful and ungrateful for what they have. REAL WOMEN EMPOWER OTHER WOMEN. STOP HATING. ”

We couldn’t agree more.

Steph found fame on social media after sharing her journey to body positivity. Steph regularly tells her followers that changes in their body as they grow up are totally normal and they should embrace them like she’s learnt to. You go, Steph.

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