Acne on the body can arise from hot water and massage oil

They appear unnoticed for you and can grow, multiply and mature undetected until someone notifies them of their presence. And he will notice the one with whom you need to look perfect. 

This is their main trouble – they are not visible to others, but are very visible to those close to them.

We are talking about acne on the body – it is during the cold season that such a problem with the skin becomes a nuisance, which is very difficult to combat.

Hair stir!

Skin on the body is not as susceptible to irritants as the skin on the face, and it inflames more slowly, but it does not immediately respond to treatment. The fact that the pimples on the back heal longer, and the fact that controlling their condition on their own is not always convenient – the sad realities of the life of their owners. What causes acne to become inflamed, blush, hurt and mature, and is there a difference between pimples between the shoulder blades and eels on the forehead?

“The appearance of acne on the body and back can be associated with malfunctions in the work of the sebaceous gland, with the hormonal state of the body,  explains Irina Sergeeva, dermatovenereologist of the center of family medicine “Zdravitsa”.

“But, unlike the rash on the face, the back can develop folliculitis – inflammation of the hair follicles as a result of the action of bacteria and fungi.” We shall make a reservation, that at men these folliculitis can appear on cheeks where the bristle is punched. And unlike acne, which appears when inflamed pores become inflamed, folliculitis occurs with a sharp decrease in immunity. But since the conversation is mainly about female hairless backs, folliculitis can not be called the main problem of the appearance of acne. So the main culprit of unevenness on the back is acne.

Wiped the back

But is it really not enough for the blackheads? Why do they occupy the body? “Of course, most often the cause of the appearance of acne are hormonal disruptions, problems with the intestines, parasitic infestations, but the pimples on the body have one feature,” says Ekaterina Lebedko, a cosmetician at the Sante Estetic Center.

The fact that the main function of the skin – protective, the main reaction to irritation, discomfort – densification. In winter, with constant friction against clothing, the skin may begin to thicken, not let go of the keratinized scales that prevent the skin from leaving. ” Because of this, there are comedones, which are very often inflamed.

Damage under the sun

It is believed that acne on the body, mainly – on the back, appear in the winter, when the body is covered with clothes almost all day and night. But in fact, the seasons do not affect the acne, and the matter is only in disguise:

“In winter, the pale skin is more slowly traces of acne, and it seems that there are more of them,” explains Irina Sergeeva. – In the summer, the traces pass quickly or are masked by sunburn, so the acne is less noticeable. ” 

But it does not disappear anywhere! “The skin thickens and from the influence of ultraviolet light,” continues Ekaterina Lebedko. – The top layer dries up, and inflamed pimples remain under it. ” Therefore, in the summer you can often meet girls with tanned, but “spotted” backs – and these spots are not pretty freckles, it’s pounded inside pimples.

In general, the general misconception that in the summer everything will dry up and pimples will pass, is based precisely on the fact that photodamage of the skin hides inflammations. But the fact is that, hiding in the summer, they will come out with more force in the fall. In addition, stains on the backs arise for one more reason: “When taking certain drugs (antibiotics, retinoids) for acne treatment, sensitivity to ultraviolet rays increases, and it is possible to get a skin burn even after short-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation both in the solarium and under the sun sun, “- explains the dermatologist Irina Sergeyeva, the cause of the appearance of pigment spots on the skin after sunburn.

Soap and Bast

But what is to be done? Of course, to treat the root cause – to check the hormonal background, to pass tests for parasites. But there are pleasant news – acne on the skin may be a result of improperly selected cosmetics, for example, massage oil, which can strongly clog pores – then when the drug is revoked the skin will recover itself. The call to wash more often will not be new, but if the hair follicles are inflamed, then with water procedures you need to behave more attentively: “With folliculitis, water can lead to the spread of infection,” warns Irina Sergeeva.

Allocate even folliculitis hot bath: when washing unchlorinated hot water (in the bath, at the dacha, etc.) on the skin appear in a large number of pustular rashes. “

It is a good idea to use a natural loofah and a scrub to remove the top cornified layer. The most scrub yourself from behind is not very convenient, so ask to rub the back. In pharmacies, a variety of acne remedies are advised, but most, despite the quick visible effect, have disadvantages – a lot of expensive medicine goes to the back, and as soon as the medicine is canceled, if the internal cause is not clear, the pimples come back.

Be attentive to the composition of the funds – “the main violin” in some plays a solution of salicylic acid, and it in itself is inexpensive and is sold in pharmacies. “Traditional drugs (salicylic acid, sulfur) and more modern drugs can be used to treat acne: local antibiotics (zinerite, dalacin), benzoyl peroxide (basiron), azelaic acid (skinoren),” ugrei.net recommends.

But in most cases, one external effect is not enough: “Usually, when a rash appears on the face, chest, back or when it is localized only on the back, therapy with systemic drugs is recommended,” the dermatovenerologist warns that it is necessary to be treated from the inside. Well, change your attitude to some vital issues – for example, try to eat healthy food, set aside mayonnaise and, having collected the will into a fist, go to a dermatologist.

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