I tried the GHD Oracle curling tool and was blown away by the results

BEAUTY BIO. My hair is neither curly, nor straight, so if left to dry naturally, it assumes a kind of limp frizz. Not ideal. The trouble is I’m not very good at styling my own hair but I would love a time efficient and easy way to curl my hair every morning – that didn’t result in me burning my fingers or my forehead.


Ever since GHD revolutionised the at-home hair styling game with their ceramic hair straighteners, they have gone from strength to strength including a range of must-have curling wands, allowing everyone to enjoy fabulous hair every damn day.

A recent surge in innovation has seen the launch of the Glide hot brush, which creates a smooth blow-dried look in a single sweep, and now the Oracle. Will the latest tool live up to the cult status of its predecessors?


Lottie Winter, beauty editor


First off, the Oracle is like nothing you would have tried before. It’s not a crimper, nor a straightener, nor a tong – but somewhere in between all three. It has the appearance of a crimper, with the movement of a straightener and the results of a tong. All you have to do is clamp down on a section of hair like you would a crimper, twist 90 degrees, and glide to the end like you would a straightener – and curls come out! In theory, that is. I’m expecting the reality to be more tricksy, as is standard for any new technology. It will probably take a minute to familiarise myself with exactly how it handles.

At first, I was tempted to use it as if I was curling my hair with straighteners – as in, to keep twisting it as I went down the section of hair. But the beauty of the Oracle is you don’t need to do that – it does all the work for you. Just clamp, turn 90 degrees, and pull it straight down.

The curl that came out was *perfect*. Legit, my jaw dropped a little. I couldn’t believe how easily, effortlessly and quickly it had create such a pristine, perfectly formed curl.

While GHD says that the Oracle can create a few different types of curls, I stuck to the basic curl because, quite honestly, it was enough.

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