May 18, 2024

Acid Brights Are Everywhere Right Now

Feeling the January blues? Acid brights may be everything you (and your wardrobe) need right now for a little mood-lift… It may be cold outside and dark by 4 pm, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe had to match.

Last year saw Barbiecore emerge as a stand-out trend as a result of Pierpaolo Piccioli’s autumn collection for Valentino, but this season things are getting a whole lot more varied.

More and more brands have been expanding their colour offerings since then, with lime greens and cobalt blues having dominated many of the spring/summer 2023 runways — but it’s not only high-end designers braving the bold.

Having recently launched its Life in Colour campaign, a first for the brand, Reiss has seen its traditional colour palette of classic neutrals evolve into something far punchier and more adventurous.

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The high street stalwart has also partnered with Colour Psychologist, Karen Haller, to dive deeper into the theory behind colour therapy and and the emotions involved when bringing that into your wardrobe in order to educate their customers on feeling comfortable to explore colour.

“After the two years of lockdowns, many of us are wanting to make up for lost time, and the quickest way to get the party spirit into our clothes is through colour. Why is that? It’s because colour is a direct connection to our emotions. Choosing the colours we wear, we’re expressing how we are feeling or want to feel without saying a word. ”

“Reiss have timed this perfectly with their bold, let’s get the party started red, their energise your mind turquoise and their let’s have fun orange. And for those who really want to turn up the colour dial on self-expression, there’s the acid brights – not for the faint-hearted, these colours really do pack punch! ”

With the neon trend in full swing, no one has been rocking it better than Paris Hilton. Wearing a neon-floral fusion Oscar De La Renta dress with fluorescent lime heels to her anniversary party recently at “Paris World”, she was accompanied by her husband, Carter Reum who wore a fittingly bubblegum pink shirt to match the starburst theme.

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