According to Feng Shui, the combination of living room and kitchen can bring chaos into your life

Arrangement of an apartment is an incredibly pleasant process for any woman, although troublesome. But not so often we think about how selected elements of the design of rooms affect the emotional state of us and our loved ones. 

But this is reflected in the ancient Chinese science of feng shui. The correspondent of SE found out that she recommends feng shui for arranging the living room. After all, the living room is the place of gathering the whole family and rest, and the favorable climate in it is especially important.

The questions were answered by the consultant-teacher of the International Feng Shui Forum Tatyana Golenkova.

What is the significance of the living room for the whole apartment in terms of feng shui?

The living room is the heart of the apartment. As a place of gathering the whole family, receiving guests it is central to the apartment. Good feng shui in the living room determines the harmony, well-being and success of the family. This should be the most comfortable place, although the requirements for its design are much less than for the design, for example, kitchen or bedroom. It is important that the living room is liked by all family members, so that everyone would like to come there.

According to Feng Shui, the combination of living room and kitchen can bring chaos into your life

How to balance the space, if the apartment is a studio and the living room also serves as a bedroom and a cabinet?

This is a rather difficult task. It can be unequivocally said that a room should not only look like a bedroom or an office. It is better to decorate the living room so that it can slightly change its appearance depending on the functions. For example, do not put a bed, it is better to prefer a folding sofa. For the workplace, you need to select an angle that is not immediately visible, located not at the entrance or diagonally from the entrance door. Angle, located diagonally from the door, it is better to occupy the sofa.

Quite often in the apartments a wall is removed between the room and the kitchen. What effect does this have on the space?

When the apartment is small, it becomes almost the only way out to expand the space. But in general, according to Feng Shui this is not desirable. Because the kitchen is the place where we prepare food and eat, and the purpose of the living room is completely different.

When we combine the rooms, the space becomes larger, but at the same time more chaotic, messy. Later this disorder can begin in life. 

According to Feng Shui, the combination of living room and kitchen can bring chaos into your life

In addition, resting in the living room, you have the opportunity to view the kitchen, refrigerator. This naturally causes thoughts about food, and you start to chew something. Needless to say, how does this affect your well-being …

What colors are preferably used in the living room? Are there any recommendations for choosing furniture? 

Since this room should be liked by everyone, you need to select colors that are pleasing to all. This is usually a range from light sand to terracotta, which most people perceive exactly.

If we talk about furniture, then the table in the living room is better to choose a round one. This form unites, at such a table it is easier to find a common language, to make the right decisions. Particular attention should be paid to the fireplaces and aquariums. Usually they are located in the living room. They are very strong energetically, as in nature water and fire. For fireplaces and aquariums, it is very important to choose the right place. It depends on many factors and is determined strictly individually, despite the fact that feng shui gives specific recommendations for their location.

How to arrange furniture in the living room, including in relation to windows and doors? 

Furniture should not be put close to the entrance, it is obvious from the point of view of common sense. Let it stand so that the finished form is formed, that is, the sofas, the chairs are along the walls in a circle or a semicircle, and in the center there is a coffee table. Through the windows and the door the apartment is connected to the outside world. The location of the window and the door on the same line means that the energy is not delayed. But this is the case if the window is open. If it is closed with curtains or blinds, this is less important. The location of the door on one wall with a window, especially in the neighborhood with it, is also not welcome.

It is known that in feng shui it is important to take into account the ratio of the five elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal. How best to balance them in the living room? 

It is really very important that these five elements are in balance in the living room. People often take a great interest in decoration in one style, but if any of the elements prevails, this causes an imbalance in the emotional state of family members. For example, if the living room is dominated by the colors of the earth – sand-colored walls, beige curtains, terracotta furniture, this living room will seem heavy, dull. The Earth carries with it stability and steadiness, but a long presence in such a room deprives the liveliness, lightness. People who are often in it can become excessively mundane.

According to Feng Shui, the combination of living room and kitchen can bring chaos into your life

If the living room is in high-tech style, metal predominates in it. And any metal is cold, deprived of coziness, heat. This style is more popular with single men.

The metal has a round shape, its energy is concentrated inside. Therefore, a person choosing a high-tech style, as a rule, has a very developed sense of self-worth, is very demanding of himself and others, does not tolerate frivolities and confusion.

If the interior of the excess water colors – turquoise, blue, blue, then we begin to “drown”, become unstable. The color of fire – red – is good in a small amount. His excess is very exciting, people can become quick-tempered, conflicting. The colors of the tree are green and its shades. The energy of the tree is the energy of growth. It is more suitable for children, and the excess of green in the apartment of adult people contributes to excessive growth.

The living room is a great place where you can create a balance of all elements. Put a fireplace, arrange pots of flowers, walls, for example, make a sand color, the element of water can be represented by blue curtains or paintings in which there are colors of water, and the metal can be present as round lamps.

The living room is a room where guests come. Will Feng Shui help clean it after “unwanted” guests?

Of course, different people “bring” with themselves a different energy. And we all feel it well – we like to communicate with some people, we feel a surge of strength and energy, and from communication with other people the head can be ill. If it so happens that in your apartment were not quite nice people to you, there are fairly simple ways to clean the space. First of all, this is a thorough cleaning. And then you can light a candle and go around with her room, the fire cleans the space well.

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