June 24, 2024

According to experts, a woman should not have unpleasant sensations before menstruation

How often can you hear from your beloved man a vexing question: “Do you have PMS? ”. Yes, and we ourselves, what sin to conceal, like pokapriznichat, eat a lot and quarrel on the bus these days – we can.

And in general, the nature is unfair: not only that “awarded” women’s days, so also their expectation made unbearable. We are angry, nervous, suffering. And the whole world suffers with us. But in fact, in fact, nature did not think so when creating a woman.

Throughout the world, the premenstrual symptom is recognized as a serious factor negatively affecting the social behavior of women, at this time the number of road accidents, female crimes in a state of affect is sharply increasing, conflicts are becoming more frequent and the student’s progress is declining.

PMS is a complex set of symptoms that reduce the quality of life up to disability.

According to experts, a woman should not have unpleasant sensations before menstruation

Of these, doctors distinguish three main:

Neuropsychic. This includes notorious mood swings, quick temper, aggressiveness and irritability. The other extreme is self-pity, tearfulness and apathy.
Vegeto-vascular: migraines, headaches, nausea. May increase blood pressure, palpitations and even attacks of panic attacks (“live scary”) are possible.
Exchange-endocrine. Pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands, swelling, bloating, itching of the skin, rashes, chills, complications of chronic diseases, temperature, migraines, thirst, visual impairment.

In general, the symptoms of PMS are more than 150, and they can be combined in different ways. Its main characteristic is cyclicity: it manifests itself in accordance with the hormonal changes in the woman’s body, lasts from 2 to 14 days and repeats from month to month.

Who’s there?

For some reason, it is widely believed that PMS is a habitual ailment that you just need to survive. Doctors do not agree with this: according to the data of MD, gynecologist and endocrinologist of the Avicenna clinic Lyubov Stepanovna Treivish, every fourth woman feels the changes occurring on the eve of menstruation, but only 5 percent of women have these changes and are complications. Often there is a hyperdiagnosis when completely different diseases are taken for PMS.

Forms of PMS are different in women of different ages. During the period of hormonal adjustment, in very young girls and women after 35, the so-called cephalic and crisis forms predominate – with severe headaches, shortness of breath, increased pressure. The majority of women of reproductive age (20-35 years) have more pronounced edematic and neuro-psychic forms – the same tearfulness and sensation as if they are blowing on all fronts.

What is there?

The main cause of the occurrence of premenstrual disorders today is hormonal dysfunction. The hormone of the second half of the menstrual cycle, progesterone, delays fluid in the body, including in the nervous system – there are swelling, weakness and drowsiness. It should be noted that these are not necessarily the precursors of PMS. The same hormone is responsible for the prolongation of pregnancy. Therefore, if you are expecting a period with a persistent whining of the abdomen, and they are delayed, this may be a sign of pregnancy, and not “friends from Krasnodar. ”

According to experts, a woman should not have unpleasant sensations before menstruation

Normally, women should not have unpleasant sensations, PMS is not a physiological process, gynecologists assert.

When the balance of hormones is disturbed, there are troubles: in especially severe cases, already from the middle of the cycle, after ovulation. “Removing ovulation to girls who do not plan pregnancy, relieves them of PMS, so I recommend hormonal contraception for them,” Lyubov Stepanovna shares.

Often PMS occurs against a background of common diseases: nervous disorders, somatic diseases (vegeto-vascular dystonia) or endocrine disorders (thyroid disease). The most important factor is called the psychological aspect: unresolved internal conflicts, unsatisfactory relationships, secret fears repeatedly cause a chain of painful symptoms. From the point of view of psychotherapists, PMS is very possible with a deep rejection of its female nature, which causes a rejection of menstruation as such.

Who is guilty?

Having discovered any ailments, you need to make a visit to the gynecologist. Having appointed additional methods of examination, the doctor will make a picture of the disease: the hormonal system is very thinly tuned, and not always the causes of the ailment lie on the surface.

It is believed that the treatment should begin with parallel trips to the therapist. Medical justification – PMS – is the result of the rhythm of life, in which the biological rhythm has not blended: a woman has a protest, rejection and irritation, which leads to hormonal disorders. Very interesting in this regard is the position of psychoanalysis.

“Conversations about the fact that women manipulate their discomfort are caused just by men: at the level of the collective unconscious in the woman lies fear and guilt for their” uncleanness “imposed on her by the church,

– the specialists of the Academic Psychosomatic Center tell. – The time before menstruation is a unique period of accumulation of female potential, which has always been considered a source of increased danger. And today, men write off women’s flaws for her “natural inferiority” (a dismissive phrase: “She has PMS”).

What to do?

Establish harmony inside and take your nature – the most universal psychological advice. Establish a mode of work and rest – constant time trouble does not give the nervous and endocrine system time for recovery, and this is a guaranteed hormonal disorder.

According to experts, a woman should not have unpleasant sensations before menstruation

Because the fluid is trapped in the body, you need to revise the diet – to exclude salty, spicy, alcohol and caffeine. But what you can pamper yourself, it’s sweets: 75 percent of the diet of a woman during this period should be carbohydrates. Of course, complex carbohydrates are preferable – fruits and grains, but you can also eat a piece of chocolate without a twinge of conscience. But the proteins and fats yet hold.

Of the medicines that can be bought without a prescription, doctors recommend drugs containing magnesium and B vitamins: they relieve pain, normalize sleep and soothe.

And again: you can not lie on the couch on the couch. To move, but in a moderate rhythm, is vital – it disperse blood and lymph. All kinds of water procedures are especially favorable. In addition, water is a recognized anti-stress drug.

But what you should not do, is buy the “same drops” on the advice of the girlfriend: the hormonal system is so thin that even a doctor can not pick the right combination of drugs from the first time.

So, do not complain about fate, when the body gives you the signal “girl, get ready! ”, But if you hear a cry for help behind a bell, listen: something is hiding behind it.

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