Apricot juice

Apricot juice is made from the apricots – the fruit of the tree of the family Rosaceae, subfamily plum. Apricot juice is usually manufactured with pulp. The juice of apricots is made with sugar and natural, no added sugar.

Calorie apricot juice is 38 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition of apricot juice

The juice of sweet fruits fragrant apricot, which the ancient Greeks called the “Golden eggs of the sun”, it is better to cook with the pulp – it saves carotene, which is so rich in these fruits. And in apricot juice high in potassium and calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins A, b, PP.

Useful properties of apricot juice

3/4 Cup of juice daily is enough to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Apricot juice improves memory and increases stamina, strengthens and tones the body, useful in cardiovascular diseases. It helps to strengthen the heart muscle, juice is useful for people suffering from arrhythmia, displays the body of excess fluid.

Contraindications apricot juice

Due to the high content of sucrose apricot juice is not recommended to use in diabetes.

Apricot juice in cooking

Sweet apricot juice can be used for cocktails, mixing it with more sour fruit or berry juice. Apricot juice is added to ice cream, is prepared from a mousse.

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