May 24, 2024

Abby Roberts is about to drop her first ever Morphe makeup collection, just in time for Halloween

Abby Roberts has been manifesting a Morphe makeup collab ever since she started out as a beauty phenomenon on social media. She’s stanned the brand’s products on her platforms since day dot and, the first time I spoke to her for an Instagram Live during the very first lockdown, she firmly put her admiration for the brand out into the universe.

So, it was only a matter of time before she made it a reality.

With over 17 million followers on TikTok and an extra 2. 3 million to add to that from Insta, plus a GLAMOUR cover, music album and a tour with Halsey under her belt, Abby is bona fide brand in her own right, but even as her interests and stardom have grown, she’s stayed true to her roots and artistry.

That’s exactly why it feels like a full circle moment that she’ll be introducing her first collection with Morphe into the world on 23rd October, just in time for the Halloween makeup countdown that helped launch her career and establish her talent for incredible, original works of makeup art (that Rosalie from Twilight transformation remains one of her best-performing looks with over 41 million views).

So, what can you expect from Morphe X Abby Roberts – Artcasts? The star of the show is, of course, a 35 pan palette (£32) jam-packed with every shade Abby’s ever wished into existence. It’s built to serve every-day or experimental looks, depending on your mood with a mix of brights and neutrals. There’s a seriously pigmented series of seven water-activated cake liners (£16) which, incidentally, are another product Abby hero-ed during our first chat. There’s a 7-piece brush set (£32) and there’s even a 5-piece artist palette and brush set (£26) that looks like it’s straight from the kit of a renaissance painter.

We sat down with Abby to get all the intel behind her collection, and to find out which Halloween trends she’s most excited for this year…

«I was not going to let Morphe get away with not doing a collab with me…

Morphe’s been one of my dream brands to work with since I first started out in makeup when I was a kid, so I’m so happy that it’s finally happening. It’s been over a year that we’ve been actually working on the project together, but it’s been a lot more years of me emailing Morphe being like, ‘pleaseee, do you wanna do a collection with me? ’ I was persistent. I was not gonna let them get away with not doing a collab with me. And they finally backed down and let me.

I wanted to create a palette that has literally every single thing that I would need for anything I’m doing…

…whether that’s gigs or photo shoots or making TikToks or crazy makeup looks, or even just for every day. So I wanted to include those neutrals that I would wear when I don’t want a crazy makeup look that day. But also, it’s got all the tools that anyone would need to experiment and be bold and expressive just in time for Halloween as well.

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