A Woman Ran a Marathon in Three-Inch Stiletto Heels to Break World Record

A woman named Irene Sewell just ran a marathon in three-inch heels to beat a Guinness World Record, and I can’t even get through the cocktail hour at a wedding reception without dreaming of freeing my feet from their vertiginous prisons.

What’s more, she’s pretty casual about the feat.

“My friends know I’m always doing crazy things so they were all super excited to experience my journey with me,” she told People. “My family on the other hand had a completely different reaction. My mom, as supportive and cautious as can be, asked me multiple times leading up to the race why I couldn’t just try a 5k or a half marathon!”

Reasonable questions, if you ask me. But Sewell, who says she trained for a year and tried out about six different pairs of heels before finding the “perfect pair,” also had a secret weapon for preventing rubbing, chafing, and slippage that can be easily employed by non-marathon running heel-wearers as well.

“My biggest secret weapon was wearing moleskin on the bottom of my feet,” she reveals. “The stuff was incredible and I’m definitely going to use it when I go out dancing or to clubs on the weekends.”

There you have it, ladies. If it’s good enough for the woman who ran a marathon in a pair of open-toed stilettos, it’s good enough for your Friday night out.

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