July 20, 2024

A video of a woman behaving like a man has gone viral

In a world where 4. 7 million Twitter users take Andrew Tate’s word as gospel, it’s unsurprising to see that a simple video of a woman behaving like a man can make the misogynists come out of the woodwork.

The video, initially posted by husband and wife duo, The Coles, and reposted by Ladbible on Instagram, where it’s had over 208,000 likes in the space of a day, Shane and Brogan Cole imitate what home life would be if the shoe was on the other foot.

In the video, Brogan is seen sneaking up behind Shane who is bending over to get something out of the cupboard and grabs his hips and thrusts into his bum. In another clip, Brogan slaps her husband’s bum and he says that it “proper degrades me, that does. I’m not a piece of meat”.

A third clip shows Brogan tweaking Shane’s “man boobs” from behind. While the video of a woman behaving like a man was intended to be a joke, and to show what men often do to their partners around the home, some of the (male) social media users didn’t seem to get it.

“Most set up thing I’ve ever watched,” one person said, while another added: “Imagine putting your phone on a tripod and staging this bs [sic] just for attention. ”

“I think the most degrading part of this is him agreeing to go along with making this awful video,” another added, with a fourth saying: “If men acted like women we’d stop reproducing. ”

One woman replied saying: “So many of you just don’t get it do you? ”

Another added: “There’s a lot of comments on here like, ‘just take her to bed’. The whole point of the post is to show that women don’t like being treated like this, to show how horrible it feels. ”

However, another woman added that she does this to her partner “all the time because I find it funny to do. No more to it than that. ”

Comments from male users on Instagram were just not it, but the post received a more lighthearted response on TikTok where it’s had more than 13. 6 million views. Although, it should be noted that most of the commenters on the video were women.

“How dramatic he is makes it even funnier,” one woman said, while another added: “They hate the taste of their own medicine! ”

Guys, it really is OK just to take a joke sometimes you know. Women aren’t out to get you…

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