May 25, 2024

A Victoria’s Secret show makeup artists reveals 7 secrets the models swear by to look so damn good

As one of the greatest spectacles on earth, the Victoria’s Secret show is a hotbed of incredible lingerie sets, stellar musical performances and some of the most ethereal beauty looks we’ve ever set eyes on.

Ahead of the show, and in celebration of GLAMOUR’s November digital cover star, VS model Stella Maxwell, we grilled celebrity makeup artist, Caroline Barnes, on all things Angel beauty.

Caroline, who has worked her magic backstage at the show before, divulged how to get that coveted Angel glow at home – wings not necessary.

1. It’s all about the natural, Angelic glow

The look is angelic, obviously! Tom Pecheux was the lead makeup artist in Paris when I did the show and he was keen to bring out the best in each girl, keep them uniformed but beautifully perfected with warm bronzed skin with a hint of a healthy cheek, glow to the lips and, of course, a feline flick to lift and accentuate the eyes.

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2. Opt for subtle sculpting, not contour

While the girls always look really glowy, it’s a healthy glow not an over-lit skin. The girls’ faces are subtly sculpted but not heavily contoured.

3. There’s a whole ‘body department’ to perfect the models’ skin

The girls’ bodies need to be perfect as there is a lot on show, and there was a whole different department ensuring their bodies were immaculate so they felt confident walking down the catwalk. Their complexions were radiant, not overly made up, as that would take away the beautiful freshness of the VS girl.

4. We avoid heavy makeup

The underwear and outfits are extremely flamboyant and the way they parade and strut down the runway brings to life a really confident women. Heavy makeup doesn’t equal sexy, the freshness in their makeup keeps the vibe modern.

5. The secret to a smokey eye lies in the liner

To achieve the perfect sexy, sultry smokey eye, we start with a neutral matte eyeshadow as a base and blend in a soft cut crease to emphasise the shape of their eyes, blending constantly. The eyeliner was graduated from the inner corner, and lifted up at the outer corner, to open out their eyes with great definition. Lastly, layers and layers of mascara to perfectly complement the eye makeup.

6. The secret to the look is a nude lip and soft, peachy cheeks

A nude with a hint of pink is the lip colour du jour. The VS girl is approachable, fresh and healthy. The pink warmth is essential in keeping these sexy women, feminine and girlie at the same time.

The girls all have a delicate bronze hue to their complexions to complement their toned, tanned bodies, so the hint of peach coral just adds a touch of youth. This colour addition ensures the look is not overly tanned and muddy looking.

7. Individuality is key

There will always be a VS brief to follow but it was essential that each model felt a million dollars. It was vital you had to adjust the look to complement their face shape, skin tone and eyes.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s show has in store…

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