June 17, 2024

A top dermatologist reveals the surprising beauty hacks that can help protect you from COVID-19

Many of us are experiencing painfully dry hands due to the increased levels of hand washing and sanitising. You may be tempted to reach for the rich, nourishing hand creams to alleviate your dry skin woes, Dr Soma warns that you might want to think twice about when you apply them.

Avoid rich moisturisers if you’re going out

“Thick moisturiser is sticky,” she says. “This one may sound obvious, but it is a reminder that if you are out and about with thick moisturiser on anything you touch you are basically glueing to your hands. If your hands are feeling the brunt of all that hand washing, it is best to use a thick moisturiser at night under clingfilm. ”

Wash your hands, take your vitamins, get some exercise; there’s plenty of advice going around to try and help protect us from COVID-19. But did you know that your skincare regime could help? No nor did we, until we spoke to London dermatologist, Dr Soma, who revealed how we should be changing the way we use certain products during this crisis, as well as other lesser-known but nevertheless important ways to try and keep ourselves safe.

Keep your nails short

While beauty salons up and down the country are shut for the foreseeable, it might be a good opportunity to take a break from the acrylics and gel manicures. Plus, according to Dr Soma, short, natural nails could be beneficial when it comes to keeping yourself safe. “Long nails are a perfect hideout for pathogens (viruses, bacteria) that get trapped under there,” she says. “Also, avoid coloured nail polish. This gives you a clear visual if your nails are dirty and will remind you to wash your hands. ”

Don’t over-do your skincare routine

It’s all too tempting to try out every at-home facial idea that pops up on our Instagram feeds, but Dr Soma reveals that this slapdash approach to skincare may not be best.

“Now is not the time to uncover and use every exfoliator and mask in your beauty drawer and follow every celebrity Instagram routine. Overdoing your routine can sensitise your skin to active ingredients and create an irritant dermatitis or flare pre existing skin conditions. You want your skin barrier to be in tip top shape to protect you from the outside world, and prevent the need to visit a doctor. ”

Remember to clean your phone

“You are minimising the effect of hand washing if you are cross contaminating by touching a dirty phone that has been on all sorts of surfaces,” says Dr Soma. Simply use alcohol wipes or hand sanitiser to clean your phone and clean at least twice a day, and after every time you go outside.

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