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Progress marches forward, and the female burden only grows heavy.There are more and more novelties of cosmetics, which they recommend to carry with them, in order to protect the skin from products of technical progress: from the dryness of central heating, from the aggressive influence of the environment.

More and more holographic shine and carcass we grow in the desire to match glossy advertising images. As a result, the most impressionable young ladies drag along a couple of kilograms of cosmetics a day, while other sturdy specimens do not burden themselves with even an extra gram. What is really useful to carry with you and what are the ideal proportions of the cosmetic bag, the correspondent of SHE explained.

Five things that should be in the cosmetic bag of every girl

Gone are the wonderful times of the pastors, when you could wash the water with a key and not suffer with the application of a tonal basis. “They used to live – they were beautiful, they did not die, but you used up all sorts of nonsense,” the old beauties of the 70s say with skepticism about collecting lips with a bow.

“It is proved by statistics that women of the beginning of the XXI century at the age of 35-45 look significantly younger than their peers of the beginning of the 20th century,” objected Lyudmila Bakulina, a stylist, an image-maker. Among other evidence – the fact that women after 50, using makeup, look and feel more confident and younger than their peers, over-ripe makeup. “Decorative cosmetics – is primarily skin care, its protection against ultraviolet light, dirt, dust, exhaust gases. Therefore, when they say to me: “And the skin does not breathe in a tone,” I ask:

Ten lipsticks or none – it’s a diagnosis.

Beautician can tell about her taste, preferences and possibilities (financial ones including) her owner. Sometimes this is a kind of compromising material. If you have every day a full set of decorative and uhodovyh funds, it says not only that you love to buy new items and can afford it, sometimes it’s a hint of your windiness. “If girls carry a lot of cosmetics with them, it means that they do not spend the night at home, they have a non-permanent way of life and place of residence”, says Elena Efremova, lecturer in cosmetology at the International Academy of Beauty Lady Anne.

Irina Vinogradova, the owner of the IREN VINOGRADOVOY Image Studio network, agrees with her: “First of all, these are women who do not know where they might be in the evening or maybe at night – but then makes an assumption: with them to wear women unorganized or very busy. ”

In most cases, the girl, not encumbered with a cosmetic bag, or perfect skin, or a too rich inner world. Among other reasons for the lack of cosmetics with yourself: financial opportunities, internal beliefs (militant feminists), permanent make-up.

Scout Kit: 5 things that should be in every woman’s cosmetic bag

No matter how different our makeups or their absence, if you still use makeup, the minimal recommended mobile make-up kit for traveling around the urban jungle is this:

1. Compact powder in summer or foundation in winter – protects from harmful UV radiation and other environmental influences: airing, exhaust gases.

2. Blush: “Only not pink or peach, but brown tints,” advises Denis Gorbunov, the head of the author’s make-up studio.

3. Lip care products – just moisturizing, nourishing balm or lipstick. From the lip glosses Denis Gorbunov advises to get rid of this season: “Now the trends have changed. For daily use of natural pastel shades, it’s enough to have two colors with you. ”

4. Thermal water – it is recommended to be used both in winter during the heating season, and in the summer – to moisturize the skin, and regardless of type: dry, oily or problematic. The doctor-dermatocosmetologist of the Center of cosmetology ReVital Olga Berezovikova recommends to spray face at least once per hour – on top of the powder. This also helps to fix the makeup.

5. Toned pencils with anti-inflammatory effect or small gels in a tuba with a spout – this is from the category “just in case”. The pimple can jump off at everyone, and if locally it is processed immediately, on top of the powder or tonal, and do not wait for the return home, then the next day you do not even remember about it.

Ideal proportions

Someone advises to carry with them necessarily a hand cream, eyeliner or even a cream to moisturize the ends of the hair and oil for caring for the cuticle – then it’s a personal matter for everyone.

“We advise our patients to carry sunscreen and usual moisturizing creams with them and apply them throughout the day,” says Olga Berezovikova, and in response to the amazed question of how to conduct such a basic procedure in an office environment, she advises spraying face with thermal water , remove the makeup from the sponge and apply a new one. Of course, not everyone is capable of such heroism. However, what to hide, the standards of beauty are growing every year.

“Now the presence of make-up is a dress code requirement, like, for example, tights in the office,” – assured Lyudmila Bakulina. Denis Gorbunov believes that, starting with the position of middle manager, the minimum amount of makeup must be on the face: “Why, when you wear a good suit, you should go with a clean face, where you can see the bruises and fatigue in your eyes?”. At the request of the correspondent SHE, Denis even called the ideal size of the cosmetic bag – 20 by 10 centimeters. And all your mysterious female soul should fit in them: all your fears and anxieties, life priorities and hints about casual spending the night.

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