A Serena Williams Beauty Brand Is Coming

According to TMZ, Williams is getting into the beauty game, too: She filed documents to trademark “Aneres” (yep, thats Serena spelled backwards) in a range of beauty categories, including skin care, makeup-removing products, colognes, perfumes, makeup kits, bath soaps, lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

She had also previously secured the trademark rights for the brand name in the clothing category.

The celebrity beauty industry is booming. So much so, in fact, it seems the overwhelming success of Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, KKW Beauty and the like has captured the attention of tennis star/GOAT Serena Williams.

This is not only a smart business move for Williams – the beauty industry is incredibly lucrative, and having ownership and creative direction over ones eponymous brand has certainly worked well for the aforementioned celebrities – but its also one with a personal connection.

Williams is known for often experimenting with her own beauty choices, like dabbling in creative hairstyles and nail looks on the court. Shes also spoken before about the fact that she wears eyeliner – and pretty much no other makeup – when she plays tennis, because “it always runs.” So, perhaps this will be her chance to create long-lasting, sport-proof products for athletes. Altheisure beauty is “in,” after all.

The Aneres beauty line will no doubt bolster Williamss entrepreneurial profile, which is already quite prolific. In 2017, Williams topped Forbess list of the highest-paid female athletes, with her career prize money totaling $84 million – and she also brought in $19 million from her endorsement deals for brands like Nike, Gatorade, Piguet, Beats, Intel and Chase over the course of the year. All we can say is: Get it, Serena. We cant wait to see what Aneres beauty will look like.

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