A reminder to fact check before trying to impress a girl

In the text exchange, she asks the guy if he’s into cars to which he replies, “yeah, I love them shits.” That’s when everything goes south for homeboy as she decided to test his knowledge by letting him know about her favorite model 16-wheeler.

Here we have another guy trying to lie their way into a girls heart. It’s 2018 and you would think we would learn by now. But sadly telling lies to make yourself look good is still a common act.

So common, in fact, that Twitter user @kms2night posted a recent text exchange where a guy tried to impress her with his knowledge of cars. Except he was actually just talking out of his ass making himself look like a complete jackass.

He not only compliments her taste in “16-wheelers” but admits that it’s one of his favorites too. Hook line and sinker. There’s no coming back from that test. A quick Google search shows that the Volvo VNR 640 is not a fast car but a semi truck.

Busted. Seems like everyone on Twitter pretty much agreed with her too.

Seriously, guys. A little research goes a long way and will prevent you from going viral on Twitter.

Girls can be sneaky and will bury you at any chance they get. Just don’t lie, especially if you want to avoid being the laughing stock of the internet.

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