A psoriasis sufferer cured her skin condition with this £5.50 soap

Psoriasis affects about 2% of the population and if you’re among them, you’ll know how debilitating the condition can be.

Having suffered from psoriasis since 2013, one woman named Sarah knew exactly that. From changing washing powder to deep cleaning the house, altering her diet and using every prescription cream under the sun, Sarah tried pretty much everything to aid her skin condition. Still, nothing seemed to work.

She endured years of itching through the night, bloody sheets, flaking skin, losing out on sleep and keeping her husband awake at the same time. At one point, her psoriasis got so bad, she decided to move into the spare bedroom so at least one person in the house could get some sleep. Unable to get a full eight hours, sick of questions from people around her and generally fed up, Sarah finally sought help from a dermatologist.

Sadly, though, the medication, UVB treatments and numerous natural soaps gifted by her husband just sent her back to square one. Some treatments worked for a while but slowly dwindled, while others just weren’t suitable.

A psoriasis sufferer cured her skin condition with this £5.50 soap

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Then, this Christmas, she received a gift from her husband, the Scottish Fine Soaps Oatmeal Soap in a Tin. Sarah had heard amazing things about oatmeal baths, but without a bath to use, she could never try them out. Feeling defeated, she put off using the soap in fear of encountering another failure, but her husband encouraged her and finally, she put it to the test.

“Oh, how wrong I was,” she told GLAMOUR. “It’s amazing! It took the itch away immediately. It takes the heat out and after using it for two weeks, I had my first full night sleep in about four years, and I have slept every night since. I feel like me again. I had forgotten who I was; I became an irritated, flaking, itchy monster who was angry 90% of the time, but not anymore.”

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Having used it for just under a month, Sarah’s life has turned around.

“I know it won’t work for everyone, as I know more than most how everyone has different skin, but if it helps just one other person find themselves again and find a small amount of relief from this intolerable autoimmune disease, then that is good enough for me.”

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Obviously this is not an alternative to seeking professional help for psoriasis and of course it may not work for everyone, but hopefully it can help some sufferers out there just like Sarah.

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