A popular brand represents not just fashionable clothes with a world-famous name, but also a recognizable way to dress

Mark Sisley appeared on the fashion scene in Paris during the sexual revolution of 1968, when the “new” youth – hippies, long-haired boys and girls in colorful robes – declared their special attitude to life and peace.

It was a free and bright generation, which created its own style and exerted a strong influence on the development of fashion. Then, in the turbulent 1968, the Sisley brand released its first collection of fashionable clothes. Today, Sisley escapes year after year not only with a revolutionary look at fashion, but also with a brand that is full of provocative sexuality and colorful simplicity.

The breakthrough in the development of the brand Sisley took place in 1974, when the group of companies “Benetton”, anticipating the “fashionable inclinations” of the manufacturer, bought exclusive rights to use the brand. However, Sisley managed to acquire his own face in the company.

Today Sisley is not just fashionable clothes with a world-wide name, but also a recognizable way to dress, honoring the classics who prefer the avant-garde.

Sisley does not know the limitations. In this dress you can do everything that the human body and souls of impulses are capable of. Sisley – it’s always relevant modern collections, the energy of youth, a tribute to the classics, an unattached image, statics and dynamics, life in colors and without. Staying in Sisley means wearing a sign of individuality and possessing an impeccable style.

The team of designers Sisley from season to season “conjures” over the wardrobe of the world. Sisley’s creative studio collects images and currents from the street and from black and white film classics, combines glamor and obormotstvo, remembers the hippies and bows to the Victorian era. Innovation in every classic detail and an experiment with an established image, a riot of fantasy and accurate calculation, a specific image and … hints, hints, hints – this is the style of Sisley, unexpected and tasty.

An indisputable factor in the success of the brand around the world are its advertising campaigns with explicit propaganda of “porn” and sexual freedom. One of the brightest and most scandalous photographers of his generation, Terry Richardson, worked on creating the image of Sisley. His “Traveler’s Diary of Sisley” has made a lot of noise in the advertising world and still continues to shock the puritanically minded public. Unlike the corporate fellow – brands Benetton – advertising campaigns Sisley never touched on social problems. These are works that radiate sexual tension, playful mockery, they are teased with secrecy and frankness at the same time. In each photo is just a crazy submission of emotions, no frames.

The Russian Orthodox public was repeatedly angered by the scandalous advertisement of Sisley. So, the media reported, in 2001, about seventy advertising pylons of Sisley were spoiled. At the same time, the MAP demanded to remove advertising in the capital, on which a woman’s hand in a T-shirt was touched by a man’s hand. A similar wave of indignation swept across Novosibirsk: in 2002, the SCRP banned the placement of advertising posters with openly “immoral” advertising. But, nevertheless, the public they still admire …

The new collection of Sisley autumn-winter 2008-2009 is filled with passion and emotions. A changing mood – that’s what inspired designers to create a collection that combines flowing shapes and pleating, flying silhouette and severity of lines. Life creates little things, and clothes – details. The new Sisley collection is created with a light, but marked volume, collar-stands, emphasizing the face oval, and deep cutouts. Designers Sisley took into account the trend of accelerating the pace of modern life and gave your hands freedom – the sleeves of the new collection do not constrain movements, but rather narrow pants allow you to keep up to date.

The method of “combination of incongruous” is still relevant. A real fashionable shock is the experimental combination of an English cage with military-style accessories. Also in the new season, Sisley offers mods to boldly wear vintage vintage jeans and combine this legacy of hippie style with satin shirts. The mix of styles is updated with color. This season, the most relevant are dark blue, gray, black, pomegranate and amethyst color, embodied in soft and cozy jersey, enveloping and caressing silk, ultra-thin crepe-jorge and classic jacquard – fabrics as unique and different as the essence of each person .

Sisley always embodies what is relevant now and will be relevant tomorrow. The image of Sisley is the existence on the verge of vice and innocence, subtle aesthetics and grinding grunge. Everyone makes a choice, different people – different perceptions. Evaluation is yours, look – for Sisley.

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