A phone that is good, for your wellbeing & takes GLAMOUR-worthy cover shots

You may have noticed that here at GLAMOUR we love to push the boundaries and when it came to reinventing digital monthly cover shoots, we decided to shoot them solely on a phone – Google Pixel 3 – to give an insider’s view into the lives of our cover stars.

First came an intimate shoot with Gwyneth Paltrow in her London GOOP store, serving us wellness warrior realness in her own yoga wear line. Then, Lily Collins took on the camera, taking us into her vast LA home – and INSANE wardrobe – in the process. Last month, Drew Barrymore graced our January issue cover to discuss how she has transitioned from Hollywood royalty to Beauty mogul.

What do all the shoots have in common? The Google Pixel 3. The portrait mode is second-to-none – sorry not sorry iPhone users – and here’s some technical terms coming right up: its back camera, with 12.2-megapixel sensor and an f/1.8 aperture, captures shots you won’t believe were taken on a phone.

For selfie addicts, all your prayers are answered with the two front cameras, both 8-megapixel sensors, with one acting as a wide-angle camera so you can fit EVERYONE in your selfie not a selective few. Game. Changer. Much?

However, with such a cracking camera you might be spending more time than ever before on your phone. But as 70% of Android users told Google, they wanted to “find a better balance” between technology and reality Google Pixel 3 might just bring the balance in your life you crave.

Here, Google’s Head of Digital Wellbeing, and who was behind the creation of the Digital Wellbeing dashboard for Android devices, Rose La Prairie, has compiled 5 top tips on adopting a healthier attitude towards phone use. From sleeping techniques to how to utilise the Digital Wellness feature available on Android Pie devices and Google Pixel 3…

1. Observe your habits:

The first place to start is understanding how you use technology and how it can work best for you. You can download a tracking app or check out Digital Wellbeing on Android Pie to see how you spend your time, what apps are sending you the most notifications and how often you unlock your phone. Check in with yourself and see what habits make you feel good and what you’d like to change.

2. Put your devices to bed:

Sleep is super important and is often underrated. Set a bedtime for your devices and give yourself time to wind down before you go to sleep.

3. Practice deep work:

Multitasking is a myth. Close all the tabs, turn on Do Not Disturb (or flip to Shhh on Pixel 3!) and give yourself the luxury of focusing deeply on one important task for a defined chunk of time. I’m at my best in the morning, so I will pick my biggest and most important task to work on for the first hour of the day before I open my inbox. Some people call this ‘eating the frog’.

4. Be present with others:

One of the best gifts we can give to each other is our full attention. We all know the difference between someone who is listening and someone who is half thinking about something else. If you want to have great conversations, put your phone away. I try not to use my phone at dinner with others. If I want to show something, I’ll make sure everyone can see my screen, so they know they still have my full attention.

5. Do some spring cleaning:

Turn off the notifications that aren’t useful, delete the apps you don’t want and set up your home screen with the apps that you want to spend your time and energy on. If you are trying to read more in 2019 or practice a language, put those apps on your home screen so they are easy to reach for when you have downtime.

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