Choosy Recreates Your Favorite Looks From Instagram At Affordable Prices

Here’s how it works: While browsing through Instagram, if you see a look you like, simply tag it with #GetChoosy to get the brand’s attention.

The team’s stylists will also be combing through to see which looks people are lusting after, particularly scanning for comments like “where can I buy this” to help them identify the top trends. Based on what’s trending, Choosy’s in-house design team will then create clothing inspired by the most popular silhouettes.

Each week, the company will drop five looks that have been pre-ordered and manufactured in small batches based on demand. They are banking on what’s considered a limited “drop” model, meaning limited quantities to create a sense of urgency when shopping. Each piece will be available in sizes 0 to 20 and at price points all under $100. The looks will be available within 48 hours (which, btw, is pretty impressive), and shoppers can have them delivered within two weeks. How’s that for fast fashion?

“We want women to feel like they’re getting unique designs based on what they’re coveting on social media without breaking the bank,” says Zheng. “We want them to feel empowered to rock their personal style and be a part of the Choosy community, while experiencing superior customer experience.”

Instagram has already changed the online shopping experience with shoppable posts and sponsored “buy now” links, and Choosy is taking things one step further by creating clothing that is entirely user-driven.

“Specifically, with Choosy, Instagram is no longer an afterthought or thought of as purely a marketing channel to attract customers once a product has been introduced to the market,” says Zheng. “We’ve built a model where we’re utilizing Instagram from the very beginning and view it as product discovery and communications channel.”

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