April 15, 2024

A new report has revealed that the smartest women tend to be the heaviest drinkers

Ever wondered what all that alcohol you drink is doing to your brain cells? Yeah, us too. But we’ve got news for you – it turns out that it’s actually the smartest women who tend to be the heaviest drinkers.

Yes, you read that right.

According to a report carried out by London School of Economics, educated women are more likely to drink on most days – so that glass (or two) of wine you have every night after getting home from work actually means you’re a brainiac. The study also stated that educated women are more likely to report having problems due to their drinking patterns.

The research was conducted among thousands of 39-year-olds and revealed that women with degrees are 50 per cent more likely to drink every single day.

“The better-educated appear to be the ones who engage the most in problematic patterns of alcohol consumption,” said the report. The research also revealed that women who have educational qualifications were 71 per cent more likely to have a drink every day, whereas men who have the same qualifications were only 49 per cent more likely.

And this isn’t an isolated case. A Finnish group also conducted a similar report, which backs up the London School of Economics’ findings. Their research concluded: “Good language skills reduce the likelihood of peer rejection … higher social activity predicts more frequent drinking in adolescence. ”

While obviously we’re all about drinking in moderation, it does make a pretty good comeback in the pub. So the next time someone questions your nightly G&Ts or suggests you lay off the Merlot, just tell them it’s only further proof of your blinding intelligence. They can’t argue with that…

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