A man with a strong sexual temperament can “pull up” a weak woman to his level

Whether we like a person or not, we determine in a few seconds. To understand what language to speak with him, you need a little more time. To understand what a person in close acquaintance, and do have to work hard. 

Therefore it is useful to consider that sexual behavior of a person is affected not only by upbringing, but also by biology. The concept of “sexual constitution” has become popular not so long ago, but has become firmly established.

What is the sexual constitution, how to define it and what it affects, recognized the correspondent of SE.

Reference:The term “human sexual constitution” means a set of criteria, both physical and psychological, that are responsible for sexual and reproductive function, the ability to experience and satisfy sexual desire. It is the sexual constitution that determines what is called the sexual temperament. 

Sex on Science

Criteria for determining the sexual constitution were developed, oddly enough, in a country where sex was not – in the Soviet Union, sexologist Georgi Vasilchenko. Its scale included three main types (medium, normal and weak) and several subtypes in each of them. A complex scale was developed for medical purposes, for example, to determine the risks of complications in pregnancy in women. But a simplified version can be used by the people who want to understand the nuances of human sexuality.

Quantitative indicators are very extensive and include many criteria, such as the number of possible sexual acts per week, the age of appearance of sexual desire, type of hair, the ratio of height to length of legs, the age of the first pollination in men and menstruation in women.

A strong sexual constitution implies endurance in sexual relations, the ability to quickly be excited, to experience orgasm, and for women it is also the ability to easily conceive and endure a child. 

Weak type is a bit more problematic, these women often have gynecological problems, they are more difficult to get pregnant, they quickly become tired in sex and do not immediately experience orgasm. And men of a weak type can hardly call themselves kazanovs.

But this is science. In life, the criterion “how many times” is used more often. “These criteria are partially mythologized in the public consciousness. In our country, for example, a strong sexual constitution means the size of the penis and the frequency of sexual intercourse per week, “says Igor Lyakh, a sexologist at the Insight clinic. For example, the norm for a man of 25-30 years is the ability to have sexual intercourse from 1 to 3 times a week, and it is important to consider that the attraction is different from the ability, and the amount depends on many factors. That’s why it’s very difficult to make the calculation yourself. As a result, for ordinary people, classification according to an external characteristic is usually of interest.

Brunettes in chocolate

“High lean, asthenic people usually have a weakened constitution, all people with pale skin, the prevailing majority of blondes also have a weak sexual constitution,” explains Igor Poperechny, director of the Center for Medical Sexology and Psychotherapy, noting that today the number of people with a weakened constitution is greater than ever. Here it is not necessary to spite: under blondes blondes are meant, and not fair-haired, and not all girls with a good figure are thin. These nuances are important. Representatives of a strong constitution, according to Vasilchenko, are owners of a stocky figure, dark hair, short in relation to the trunk of the legs. And these criteria are common for both men and women.

The most important thing that psychologists note: the sexual constitution is not a verdict or a diagnosis. Much more important is what partners were in the same bed, that is, their compatibility.

“With the same partner, the same person in his behavior behaves as a strong type, and with another as a moderate, or with one as a moderate, and with the other as a weak one,” Igor Lyakh explains, reminding again that in The very type of sexual constitution there is no trouble, problems appear where there is a discrepancy between the goals of the relationship.

Initially, according to the sexologist, the partners are trying to find a match for themselves: “People make assumptions based on experience, including about what the partner will be in sexual relations. Energetic and active women seek a strong partner, suitable constitutionally. If a woman is more important emotional, sensual side of relationships, affection, including sex, she will subconsciously look for a man with a weaker sexual constitution, “- explains Igor Lyah.

Two poles

But today it’s very easy to make a mistake. From the point of view of biology, a strong type is definitely in a winning position. But from the point of view of society – not always. As noted by Igor Poperechny, problems of a strong type consist in the fact that in childhood such people are often exposed to defects in education. Because of the early development of sexuality, with the tactless behavior of parents, they consider their sexual manifestations abnormal, and this imposes an imprint on adulthood. Then a person with a constitution that is strong by nature has to suppress itself and, as a result, behaves in a weak type.

So unions can be formed where people do not match. Especially severe cases, according to sexologists, if the woman’s appetite exceeds the male. “Such a woman, especially when she is approaching the age of 30, the sexual need is only growing, and if her husband does not satisfy, a serious internal conflict arises, especially if she is forced to find a lover,” says Igor Poperechny. If a woman can not find a compromise, compensate the situation, then it is difficult to do without the help of a specialist.

But the reverse situation (by the way, very common) can be even favorable for a woman.

If the husband is more active, then his wife, he can “pull up” to his level in a few years.

“There are many ways to compensate – even a strongly pronounced strong type can perfectly exist with a weak one if they have found a field of interaction. For example, partners agree to have sex not only when they want their wife. She loves and receives emotional satisfaction, but calmly refers to the fact that she does not always get an orgasm, “Igor Lyakh comments. Igor Pereperchny agrees with him, he notes that if a wife lags behind her husband’s appetites, it is especially important for her to strengthen herself physically, including by having sex. In this sex should be fun, and not necessarily – an orgasm. He will come himself, as well as the appetite.

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