April 19, 2024

A makeup artist says this little-known £9. 50 face wash completely cured her cystic acne

Kellee Kernohan, an Aussie from Queensland, showed her 36,000 followers on Instagram the terrible state herskinwas in just last year.

Anyone who has suffered with cystic acne knows only too well the physical and emotional pain it can cause – but one makeup artist is convinced she’s found a cure.

Constantly worried about her appearance, Kelly wrote: “Not only did I feel horrendous externally, but internally. I couldn’t even apply foundation over my cystic acne because I was in constant agony. ”

Kellee blamed expensive creams and spot remedies for exasperating her skin; she emphasises her acne, caused by depression and a bad diet, got worse when using pricey skincare.

According to Fabulous, it wasn’t until her dermatologist recommended a much more purse-friendly cream to tackle her acne that she finally managed to clear up her skin.

Kellee credits the affordable £9. 50 Gentle Wash by QV for calming her skin, helping relieve active spots as well as make her scars fade.

The soap-free mild foaming cleanser promises to maintain skin’s natural protective properties. It doesn’t strip away natural oils like soap can, it’s pH balanced, has a low-irritant formulation and is ideal for people with dry skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Kellee told her followers: “I’m proud I can now share with you all as you can see how far I’ve come” as her acne was 100% cured.

In the comments section, Kellee’s followers backed up her simple method for a spot-free face, one writing “You have spoken SO much truth here”. “I use a £12 face wash and I cut down on junk food and oils, and that helped me so much. ”

One of the more severe types, cystic acne causes large pus-filled lumps that look a little like boils, and which pose the biggest risk of scarring, leaving many people suffering with a permanent reminder for years, if not for life, even after the acne has cleared.

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