May 19, 2024

A lusty donkey and anxious emu fall in love; cause havoc for their shelter

According to theCarolina Waterfowl Rescue‘s Facebook page, the donkey and emu were discovered together at an abandoned farm. Apparently, they’d been comforting each other for years, and were now very much in love.

Buckle up folks, because this is gonna be the sweetest story you read today; possibly even this week. There’s a shelter in North Carolina that’s got a unique problem that they don’t know how to solve – a rescued boy donkey and a girl emu have fallen in love.

It’s so heckin adorable, I don’t know what to do with myself.

It’s believed that the animals got lonely, and found comfort and solace in one another. Now, they cuddle and sleep with each other.

Just goes to demonstrate that love can transcend species, size and even languages.

Upon rescue, the shelter tried to separate them and a massive fallout ensued. The donkey began to cry and attack the other donkeys in the pen, while the emu started to pace around like an “expectant father” and was very agitated.

So, to keep the peace, the unnamed donkey and emu have been placed together in the same pen. Now, the shelter staff is faced with a problem. The two need to be placed/adopted together, or else hell will presumably break loose.

Or, they become permanent residents of the shelter, but they’ve already got a handful of animals that they’re caring for.

In the meantime, they’ve launched an adoption drive, asked for names and for donations to help feed and care for the duo. Over thousands of submissions, they finally settled on some names inspired by John Mellencamp.

So far, they’ve gotten over 2,000 inquires about adopting the far, ranging from Canada to France, within 2 days of their request for help going live on Facebook. They’ve also surpassed their donation goals for medicine and care. That’s impressive.

They’re currently going through all the emails and phone messages to sort out who’s gonna be the lucky winner of the happy couple.

Shelter staff figure it’ll take them a month to sort out who’s a viable candidate for adoption, and will care for the newly christened Jack and Diane until then.

Honestly, sometimes you can’t help who you love and sometimes, you’ll take the comfort from where ever you can. This union is pretty darn beautiful.

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