February 20, 2024

A look at annoying bedroom habits 8, Photos

Annoying bedroom tendencies can really screw with what is, for many, the best part of the day. Crawling into bed and passing out is something we all enjoy… until our partners ruin it for us. Leesa polled 983 people about bedroom habits that were generally deemed to be annoying, and then asked them about ways they are dealing with it in an attempt to get their coveted “perfect sleep” back.

These are the top 6 habits that both men and women found to be annoying enough to effectively ruin their sleeps. Studies have shown that arguing before bed is a surefire way to not only have a worse sleep, but cause serious strains in your relationship.

As you can see here, not every couple who goes through these annoyances brings them up. This could lead to more stress and a worse sleep.

Based on the 983 people polled, an insane 75% of them didn’t even bother trying to sort out the issue by making “bedroom rules”. Of the people that did, however, these were the most common.

For the most part, it seems that of the people polled, it was a mutual decision to make the rules.

However, despite the rules being in place, they weren’t always followed all of the time. This makes for a bit of a grey area as far as whether or not the rules truly work, however it is tough considering there aren’t any “real” consequences. Like, if you don’t follow these rules your ass is grass. You know.

More women (47%) ad better sleeps when their partners were in separate beds than men (36%). However, more women also had worse sleeps (37%) without their partners than men did (30%).

For a lot of people that were polled, sleeping in separate beds was out of the question.

If you’re going through bedroom annoyances and arguments with your partner, it’s best to at least be open and talk about it- try and make a compromise. At the end of the day, if you’re taking away from your lovely sleep, it just ain’t gonna fly.

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