July 23, 2024

A lingerie brand that doesn’t force women to choose between ‘comfy but frumpy’ and ‘sexy

Founder and CEO Tanya Robertson was inspired to launch her brand to relieve the pressure on her customers to fit into this societally-forced dichotomy of womanhood and create a safe and inviting space for women to shop.

“Traditionally, women had two options when it came to lingerie. Comfort pieces that were often frumpy and outdated in design, and then, sexier styles bought to please someone else,” she said. “For too long, women have been encouraged to wear lingerie within these two spheres. As the conversation around female empowerment has grown, independent lingerie designers have used their creative control to fill the gap between frumpy and sexy. They started to create pieces for the everyday woman as the ultimate love letter to yourself. ”

Every body is beautiful and the more brands that shout about it, the better.

The latest retailer to disrupt the lingerie industry and empower women through body confidence is womanhood – a brand whose name is a nod to each female being on a unique journey of womanhood. “Womanhood is a celebration of womankind and also an attempt to change women’s relationships with their bodies.

The campaign, which is totally un-retouched, stars a plethora of kickass women who have shared their inspiring stories. One such star is Janine, who, when asked about what womanhood means to her, had something really damn powerful to say. “I’m on a journey of self-expression, feeling really grounded within myself,” she explained. “Don’t get me wrong this has only come about in the last 18 months. To show up every day as my true authentic self is a big ask, and very unrealistic.

But to accept that I don’t have to be that women every day, that’s the real power. As a black woman I choose me, with all my grace, power and flaws, my journey is one of real acceptance. ”

Meanwhie, Jude, who stars in the campaign alongside her baby, delved into how giving birth has changed her relationship with herself and her body. “I’ve historically had a difficult relationship with my body image and have always been my own worst critic,” she admitted. “If you had told 20 years old me she would be willingly photographed in lingerie 12 weeks after giving birth I would never have believed it.

I couldn’t have imagined being comfortable in a body so soft, stretched and scarred from pregnancy and birth. Yet being captured with nothing to hide behind like makeup or filters, has been amazingly empowering and challenged me to see my own strength and beauty where I previously would have only seen flaws. ”

The brand not only celebrates women at the forefront but behind the scenes, too; it’s the first online lingerie retailer to stock independent brands designed by women, for women and all designers are hand-picked with many promoting conscious fashion through sustainable materials, fair pay for workers and waste reduction.


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