May 25, 2024

A keratin nail treatment is the new way to achieve your healthiest nails ever

But now, beauty salons and those in-the-know are discovering the restorative powers of keratin for our nails, too.

And since months in lockdown has wreaked havoc with our nails – not only have we been unable to go to our favourite manicurists to keep our nails in check, but we’ve been anxiously picking off polish and anti-baccing until our poor cuticles are dryer than the Sahara – there’s never been a better time to show your nails a little extra TLC.

Keratin has been hugely impactful since it exploded onto the beauty scene over 10 years ago. It still sees clients flock to salons (well, not in the past few months, but you get what we mean) for hair smoothing treatments and seeking out keratin-rich haircare products to get its frizz-smoothing, shine-enhancing benefits at home.

What is keratin, and why is it good for our nails?

Keratin is a structural protein found in our hair, nails and skin. Just as keratin treatments help to give boost our hair’s internal strength, keratin proteins bond to our natural nails to help strengthen the nail plate (and, in turn, making them more resistant to breakage) and improve the condition of damaged, dry nails.

This means keratin is especially useful if you have regular gel or acrylic extensions which can leave nails brittle, peeling and soft.

Where can I get a keratin nail treatment?

Unlike keratin hair treatments which can last hours, keratin treatments for nails only take a matter of minutes.

Use Treatwell to check out local nail bars in your area. If any offer strengthening treatments, it’ll likely include keratin.

Or for an at-home dose of keratin, try one of these…

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