June 19, 2024

A Heartfelt Letter To The Guy Who Emotionally Destroyed Me

In case you don’t remember me– I am the girl you psychologically ruined. I am the lady whose heart you broke into a thousand small pieces. I am the lady whose hopes you shattered so nonchalantly.

I am the lady that enjoyed you with all her heart and soul. The lady that intended to make you delighted. The woman that was ready to do anything for you.

I am the woman that believed you really felt concerning her the way she felt about you. The girl that believed you were different. The woman that thought that she ‘d stay with you forever.

And right here I am– speaking with you– the individual that is no more a component of my life. The person that psychologically destroyed me.

I never genuinely understood why you treated me the way you did. I never ever comprehended what I did to deserve your indifference. Your adjustments. Your twisted mind games. Your lies.

All I intended to do was give you the love I believed you were worthy of. I wished to make you rejoice as well as fulfilled, however you damaged my joy instead.

You persuaded me that you loved me. That you appreciated me. That you weren’t like the various other guys. Yet all that was a significant lie.

You weren’t in love with me. Rather, you loved the method I made you feel. You loved the kindness and compassion I treated you with. You suched as the way I talked with you. The way I took a look at you. The way I took care of your needs as well as wishes.

You loved the reality that you indicated the globe to me. That you had a special area in my heart. That I trusted you.

Yes, I trusted you which was my biggest error. I believed in you enough to bare my soul to you. I relied on you enough to show you my susceptible sides, my insecurities, and also my inmost concerns. I did all that due to the fact that I thought that you deserved my trust. I believed that you absolutely needed to know everything regarding me. As well as what did you do?

You utilized my weak points and flaws versus me. You made me believe that I ‘d never have to spend a night sobbing again. That I would certainly never have to assemble my heart back with each other once more due to the fact that you would certainly always protect it.

You fed my hopes with your vacant guarantees as well as pleasant words. You used your beauty as well as adjustment methods to get under my skin. You gradually became my life as well as you managed to damage it without a doubt.

But you understand what?

I do not despise you. I don’t hate you in all.

Because that phase of my life is over, I don’t dislike you. I am no more that naïve woman. I’ve grown. I’ve changed.

I no longer try to recognize why you damaged my heart. Maybe I was some kind of a task or prize to you that you might brag about before your pals. Perhaps I was just someone that you believed you might have fun with and then remove as soon as you discovered a person “a lot more fascinating. ” Perhaps I was simply a person that you utilized to build on your own up by explaining my problems and making me feel not worthy.

Anyhow, absolutely nothing of that matters now. You do not have power over me any longer. You no longer mean anything to me.

As a result, I desire you to recognize that I do not despise you. Rather, I want to tell you– thank you.

Thanks for showing me what I really did not deserve.

Thank you for showing me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me and that it was not me that had not been adequate for you, however you. You were the rude and also self-seeking one.

Thank you for making me comprehend that YOU didn’t be worthy of ME!

Thanks for the night when you informed me those harsh words because that was the night when you offered me the nerve to lastly walk away and let go of you.

Thanks for showing me that my heart can be broken in ways that I never believed it could. Thank you for showing me that despite the amount of times someone emotionally breaks me, I can always locate a means to piece myself back with each other as well as recover.

Thanks for putting me in such a dark area that I had no selection left but to locate an escape and also see the light again.

Thank you for making me expand. Thanks for helping me end up being wiser and also more powerful.

As well as lastly, thanks for shaping me into the individual that I am today– positive, smart, resistant, and hard. Thank you!

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