A Funky Pool Float Is the Perfect Summer Accessory

You’ve seen the trend in splashy pool floats, right? Rainbow unicorns, sprinkle doughnuts, and Monstera leaves are just the start. These highly Instagrammable creatures tend to be colorful and graphic – not to mention surprisingly affordable – so pretty much just the thing to pack up when you score a pool party invite. Blow it up, float on it while weathering cannonball splashes made by other attendees sipping a grapefruit seltzer, and then let the host keep it as a party gift. Oh yeah, and repeat! Or tuck one into the empty corner of your apartment where a chair should be and call it a modern beanbag. Sky’s the limit when you’re living in peak pool float times. More good news: The popularity of punchy pool floats has also made the options abundant, so while you can definitely find a pizza-shaped raft in pretty much any size and shape, there’s also a lot of even funkier, more surprising iterations to seize upon. Just take this Cindy Sherman selfie float as proof! Read on for some of our favorite pool floats of the season.

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