April 20, 2024

A fitness influencer has Photoshopped herself to reveal

Filters, faux perfect lives, instant gratification and Photoshop are a far from healthy social media experience, which is why more and more influencers are showing us the ‘real’ side of Instagram.

Instagram is a blessing and a curse. Whilst it’s undeniably a brilliant way of keeping up-to-date with our friend’s lives (and exactly what they had for breakfast), it can also have a negative impact on our mental health.

The latest social media star to give a candid glimpse into the truth behind her pictures is Cassey Ho, a 32-year-old from California.

The influencer decided to analyse the top 100 most-followed women on Instagram and determine the 24 main physical attributes they received positive feedback for.

She found that being a light-skinned Caucasian, aged 22, standing at 5ft 7in with dark and big eyes, black or dark brown mid-back length hair, a heart-shaped face, a small nose, hourglass figure, long neck, a flat stomach (but not muscular abs) and plump lips, with B-cup boobs or higher, were the most common attributes among the most-followed women.

After deducing this, she had a graphic editor edit her makeup-free shots to fit the bill.

Taking to Instagram, the Pilates instructor put the edited and unedited photo side-by-side to show her followers the new beauty ideals, according to social media. Alongside the photos, she wrote: “After a couple of weeks of gathering data and categorising data, I can tell you that there is most definitely a formula and very specific beauty standard that the top 100 most-followed women on Instagram adhere to.

“It’s fascinating but also incredibly eerie at a time when you would think social media has evened the playing field for women of all body types, ethnicities and skin colour.

“In the days before we had social media, beauty habits were dictated by where you lived and your ethnicity.

“Platforms like Instagram can tell us exactly who is the most followed and therefore the most influential at this very second. Naturally these influencers have become the new beauty standard. ”

Her followers praised the project, noting how important it was for someone to highlight the unachievable beauty standards dictated by social media – and we completely agree.

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