March 4, 2024

A dazzling result

We women are special: we love, as you know, with your ears and are ready to listen to compliments to your address endlessly! Sweet words about yourself, beloved, we accept with a beautiful and seductive smile …

And of course, it’s doubly pleasant to smile when you know that your teeth shine with dazzling whiteness. Today, each of us can just become the owner of a snow-white Hollywood smile. And the specialists of the clinic “Novonikolaevskaya” will come to the aid.

To date, advanced dentistry offers several methods of teeth whitening. Depending on your desires and capabilities, you can choose the appropriate option. It happens that clarification of the enamel of teeth is sufficient only for a standard professional cleaning.

For ladies impatient, office bleaching is more likely, for a busy businesswoman, the home procedure is more acceptable. In advantages of this or that technique let’s understand together.

We will kill two birds with one stone.

In general, this procedure is strongly recommended for dentists once every six months. This is protection against tooth decay, paradontitis and other dental troubles. This procedure contains a dual benefit-prevention of diseases and cosmetic effects. So, we are talking about professional cleaning.

The professional cleaning consists of two stages: the removal of hard tooth deposits by means of an ultrasonic scaler and the elimination of soft plaque by the Air Flow apparatus. After applying ultrasound, the gum is released from the tartar. Thus, you give your teeth a chance not to meet with a terrible disease of the XXI century – paradontitis.

The Air Flow device completes the cleaning. A special abrasive substance with a pleasant mint or fruity taste is sent to the teeth under strong pressure. This kind of “shower” for the teeth will remove all the soft plaque left from food, tea, coffee and cigarettes. The procedure of Air Flow is very effective and absolutely painless, many find it pleasant and relaxing.

So, after an hour, and it takes so much time for the professional cleaning, your teeth will completely get rid of the evil plaque and will acquire the original natural color of the enamel. Thus, your teeth will become lighter in a few tones.

Whiten for 60 minutes

If your calendar has time or a couple of visits to the dentist and if you want to see your teeth white “here and now”, then you are suitable for office bleaching.

The essence of this procedure is as follows: a special whitening gel is applied to the teeth. To activate the process, as a rule, an ultraviolet lamp is used. To protect the delicate mucosa, special protective preparations are applied to the gums. Thus, the procedure becomes the most secure – in addition, everything passes under the supervision of the dentist.

Whitening is exposed to those teeth that are visible when smiling. Cabinet bleaching will help to correct and defect of individual teeth, if they for some reason differ from others in color. The whole process takes, as a rule, 30-60 minutes.

Perhaps, the office bleaching can be compared with applying a cosmetic mask – you lie in your armchair and rest, but in the meantime your smile becomes more beautiful just before your eyes.

In order for the teeth to acquire the desired whiteness, as a rule, two or three visits are required. However, the result will be noticeable after the first reception, so, most likely, compliments about your new smile will not keep you waiting.

The effect of whitening lasts a year or two, but with proper care and longer. To do this, it is necessary to carefully observe hygiene and carry out preventive cleaning every six months. Then you will hear ecstatic more than once: “Wow! You have such white teeth! ”

Idea for independent

Your working schedule is so full that it can compete with the everyday life of the president? Then you will get home whitening. It is not necessary to find time for visits to a doctor – one visit is enough.

The doctor will conduct a thorough examination, determine the necessary degree of lightening of the teeth and make a program of bleaching.

After consultation, you will receive a kit for home whitening. This special kappa – a kind of covers for teeth – and, of course, a whitening gel. The procedure is that you wear the gel with a gel for several hours or put them on while you sleep. Sometimes, instead of kappas, special whitening strips are applied, which are superimposed on the upper and lower teeth. The main advantage of home whitening is that you yourself choose the time for the procedures.

Home whitening – for the patient. Prepare that the result of your efforts will not be noticed immediately – as a rule, the entire course takes from 1 to 5 weeks. However, patience will be rewarded on merit, and after a while you will become a happy owner of a snow-white smile. In addition, the effect of home whitening lasts much longer – up to 5 years!

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