February 20, 2024

A cool mask for eyes is the beauty hack you’ve been missing

It’s hard enough to get six hours of sleep, let alone the recommended eight, but actually appearing tired is a whole other story. I may be metaphorically crawling-on-my-knees-exhausted, but I’d never let it show – that’s what three layers of concealer and foundation is there for, right?

There are days, however, where the bags under my eyes do make an appearance and no amount of makeup is going to cover them. That’s where a cool mask for eyescomes in.

When I’m stressed, overheated, have a headache or just have really tired eyes, I always reach for a cold, wet towel or flannel to hold over my face. It seems to be the done thing, as a lot of my friends practice the same routine too. When times get tough, a good ol’ cold compress is the answer.

Dark circles and puffy eyes is a telltale sign that I’ve probably been up too late watching Netflix (or had one-too-many hard seltzers). While eye masks and face masks in general are brilliant at hydrating and plumping the skin, a quick fix and a self-care must, they’re not my go-to when it comes to waking myself – and my eyes – up. Cooling gel eye masks are.

The area around your eyes is actually super sensitive, so I tend to avoid using harsh ingredients or products in that zone. Things like eye creams, gentle moisturisers or face serums are totally safe, but an even better bet for a refreshed and awake result is a gel eye mask. You can keep them in your fridge (in fact, you’re mad if you don’t), and rely on them in the same way that you would cucumber slices at the spa.

Are cooling eye masks good for you?

Yes! Wearing a cool eye mask could help solve a plethora of problems – even when you’re suffering with allergies. The coldness restricts blood vessels surrounding your eyes and helps to alleviate any dark colouring, plus they feel pretty fantastic too.

What is the best cool eye mask on the market?

This set of two cooling eye masks from Amazon can actually be heated too, should you prefer it. You’ll find it soothes puffy skin, relieves your hay fever or allergy symptoms and aids in removing dark circles and under eye bags. A definite must-have for your skincare cupboard. Elsewhere, brushworks’ Spa Gel Eye Mask is an absolute hero of the beauty realm.

Filled with innovative gel beads which retain temperature for much longer than regular gel masks, the brushworks eye mask delivers therapeutic rejuvenation. The best part?

It has an adjustable headband so you can wear it while you go about your daily tasks. If you’re not into gel masks per say, but you still want something to relieve your eyes, look to Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water Undereye Patches. The innovative patches give a refreshingly cold sensation when applied, waking up sleepy peepers in time for your 9 o’clock meeting.

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