A celebrity hairdresser reveals the secret to heatwave-friendly hair

Rather than scraping hair into a Miss Trunchbull top knot, or piling into a scrappy pony tail, we’ve called upon celebrity hairdresser Patrick Wilson to reveal his tricks to achieving the ultimate effortless but elegant low bun.

Frizzy, frazzled and utterly frustrating, heatwave hair is no joke. The only option is to get your hair completely out of your face and off your neck (there’s nothing worse than the sensation of hair stuck to your skin), but a chic updo is notoriously hard to master.

But before we get started, in preparation for this look, you’ll want to skip your next hair wash. “This hairstyle normally works best on day-two hair, when it takes on the perfect texture: not too soft, but still feeling fresh,” explains Patrick. If you can’t go without your daily hair wash, try adding some texturising spray to the roots and lengths to give hair a little bit of a grip.


“Start by adding some kinks and bends to add body and movement to the style,” says Patrick. His foolproof method of achieving this is using ghd Platinum Plus Stylers to create a S-shaped wave in the hair; “I feed the hair through the styler, adding slight pressure forwards and backwards, forming an undone wave.”


Once the bends and kinds are in place, and the hair has cooled, Patrick then creates more texture. “Spritz Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Texture Spray into the roots and massage with your fingers to give a great base to the look.”


This may seem like the trickiest step, but according to Patrick, the best updos are created when you don’t think about the process too much. “For the hair up, it works best when you don’t think about it too much. I sometimes get the client to pull their hair into a ponytail without using a mirror. This gives it a more carefree approach, making it look less bridal, and that you haven’t tried too hard.”

Secure your hair into a low ponytail and feed the hair through twice. “On the third pass, pull the hair through halfway. This will create a loop in the ponytail, making it easier to secure into a bun.”


The best way to instantly elevate a low bun and give it a polished look it to conceal the hair band. “Use the longer lengths to wrap around the base of the ponytail, grip and go. I like to use U-shaped pins to secure the bun as they’re less visible,” says Patrick.


“Finally, to finish off the look I pull some face-framing strands out to make the style softer and more lived in,” says Patrick. “Add a hairspray that is reworkable, such as Sam Mcknight’s Modern Hairspray. This performs really well in this heat and doesn’t weigh the hair down.”

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