June 17, 2024

A catalog of dresses – from classic small black to cozy knitted

Inspired alternately 70 and 90, fashion in this season clung to the spokes: the most urgent thing in the fall (and winters – even more so) – dress-sweater. In the 70’s version, it implies a soft image, in beige, white and gray tones, with matte natural make-up and smooth hair waves above the neck of an ivory sweater.

In a word, a good girl. In the 90’s version – deliberately rough long sweater combined with boots of a military sense, scandalous pantyhose and disheveled hair. In short, a bad girl.

Whichever epoch you choose, both are promoted to all new purchases, because they are asking for a multilayeredness – sleeveless sheepskin jackets, leggings, long scarves, a collar of a shirt protruding from the wide neck of the dress-sweater, all the collar-by-turns …

For the same, who does not like knitting and does not believe that Kurt Cobain is so alive,

Retro. For those who want to be like a redhead from the TV series “Mad Men” – a tight dress. We wear with heels, a small stiff purse and a lush hairdo. Cotton, polyester. 2999 rub. ,Mango

Little black dress. A thing for all time – emphasizing the waist and shoulder line, a dress of the only possible color. Feature – cut, giving volume to the hips. Polyester, acrylic. 3299 rubles. ,Mango

Interesting geometry. Fluffy and cozy to the touch dress-sweater c large geometric pattern. Acrylic, mohair. 2690 rub. ,Motivi

Lapland. If sweaters with Scandinavian ornament you have not had since childhood, it’s time to buy it – this is a hit of the season, which D G proclaimed and managed to pick up democratic brands. Cotton, nylon, wool. 2299 rubles. ,Promod

First lady. A classic case, a favorite outfit of elegance samples – from Jackie Kennedy to Carla Bruni. A dress for him is a decoration in itself, so accessories can be restrained. Viscose. 4200 rub. ,Sinequanone

Red Cross. Straight dress, special thanks to an unusual cut and a win-win color. Red this fall is the main alternative to beige and gray. Viscose. 3650 rub. ,Sinequanone

Minimalism. Dress is a cool-gray shade and a noble cut. Polyester, viscose. 3799 rubles. ,Zara

Jokes for the sake of. Strict minimalistic – like in the office – a dress unexpectedly insulated with a knitted collar and sleeves. Wool, acrylic. 4259 rub. ,Benetton

Your excellency. Decorated with mega-rhinestones, a knitted dress is similar to the style of the 1920s – it can be supplemented with shoes of the era: with a strap and a steady heel, a long cigarette holder, a low parting. Viscose, polyamide. 2999 rub. ,Mango

Grace itself. A narrow, strictly gray dress with an accent on the waist – a knitted ornament. Polyester, viscose. 2690 rub. ,Motivi

Black and white cinema. Fashion for the 70’s can not do without the narrow sarafans, which the girls then wore over the turtleneck. Wool, acrylic. 3739 rubles. ,Sisley

Lightning-fast solution. Dark gray sarafan with asymmetrical hem and zippers. Polyester, viscose. 3190 rub. ,Motivi

Merry 60’s. Knitted dresses based on the fashion of the 60’s, it seems, just can not get bored, well, you can tie a scarf every day in a new way. Viscose, nylon, wool, angora. 1999 rub. ,Promod

Top Model. Knitted dress with a belt for an ideal figure. Acrylic, wool. 5350 rubles. ,Sinequanone

All this grunge. Pleasant to touch knitted dress for a playfully casual image – plus an ethnosum with fringe, thick pantyhose, fashionable coarse boots with a thick heel. Wool, nylon, cashmere. 1999 rub. ,Zara

Cappuccino. A variegated, tight knit dress with flared sleeves will look good with light knitted pantyhose and coarse suede boots on the wedge. Acrylic, mohair. 2690 rub. ,Motivi

The student. The heroines of the films of the 70s about the first love always dressed like that: a knitted sarafan plus a turtleneck. Cotton, viscose, polyamide. 2999 rub. ,799 rubles. ,Mango

Tweed from above is better. A coarse sundress with a large collar, a tightening leather cord, is underlined. To him is a cotton ivory turtleneck. Wool, acrylic. 3999 rubles. ,799 rubles. ,Mango

Purple ball. A dimensionless, free-falling dress in the spirit of disco 70’s with kimono sleeves. Wool, acrylic. 3739 rubles. ,Sisley

North wind. The most relevant in this season is a dress-sweater with a northern ornament, to which are attached knitted sleeves. Acrylic, mohair. 2699 rub. ,Benetton

Peacock eye. A warm dress, gowned downward, with a large pattern. There is nowhere to retreat – funny funny boots are needed. Acrylic. 1995 rub. ,Garage

Eminence grise. A soft tunic with kimono sleeves, belted with silk ribbon, decorated with an “order” of chains, bugles and metal. Nylon, viscose, cotton. 1999 rub. ,Promod

Megapolis. The sun-warmed sundress, painted with sketchy skyscrapers, will look great with boots on a flat sole. Acrylic. 1995 rub. ,Garage

Good girl. A dark blue dress with a flared skirt and a bow on the underlined waist. It will perfectly match with low-heeled shoes and a bag with a hint of a portfolio. Viscose, nylon. 1999 rub. ,Zara

Psycho. Straight warm dress with a violent psychedelic pattern and a wide collar. Acrylic. 1995 rub. ,Garage

Life of insects. A warm, flared down dress with a childlike touching collar is of the same immodest length. Acrylic. 1995 rub. ,Garage

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