A catalog of dresses – from classic small black to cozy knitted

Inspired alternately 70 and 90, fashion in this season clung to the spokes: the most urgent thing in the fall (and winters – even more so) – dress-sweater. In the 70’s version, it implies a soft image, in beige, white and gray tones, with matte natural make-up and smooth hair waves above the neck of an ivory sweater.

In a word, a good girl. In the 90’s version – deliberately rough long sweater combined with boots of a military sense, scandalous pantyhose and disheveled hair. In short, a bad girl.

Whichever epoch you choose, both are promoted to all new purchases, because they are asking for a multilayeredness – sleeveless sheepskin jackets, leggings, long scarves, a collar of a shirt protruding from the wide neck of the dress-sweater, all the collar-by-turns …

For the same, who does not like knitting and does not believe that Kurt Cobain is so alive,

Retro. For those who want to be like a redhead from the TV series “Mad Men” – a tight dress. We wear with heels, a small stiff purse and a lush hairdo. Cotton, polyester. 2999 rub. , Mango

Little black dress. A thing for all time – emphasizing the waist and shoulder line, a dress of the only possible color. Feature – cut, giving volume to the hips. Polyester, acrylic. 3299 rubles. , Mango

Interesting geometry. Fluffy and cozy to the touch dress-sweater c large geometric pattern. Acrylic, mohair. 2690 rub. , Motivi

Lapland. If sweaters with Scandinavian ornament you have not had since childhood, it’s time to buy it – this is a hit of the season, which D G proclaimed and managed to pick up democratic brands. Cotton, nylon, wool. 2299 rubles. , Promod

First lady. A classic case, a favorite outfit of elegance samples – from Jackie Kennedy to Carla Bruni. A dress for him is a decoration in itself, so accessories can be restrained. Viscose. 4200 rub. , Sinequanone

Red Cross. Straight dress, special thanks to an unusual cut and a win-win color. Red this fall is the main alternative to beige and gray. Viscose. 3650 rub. , Sinequanone

Minimalism. Dress is a cool-gray shade and a noble cut. Polyester, viscose. 3799 rubles. , Zara

Jokes for the sake of. Strict minimalistic – like in the office – a dress unexpectedly insulated with a knitted collar and sleeves. Wool, acrylic. 4259 rub. , Benetton

Your excellency. Decorated with mega-rhinestones, a knitted dress is similar to the style of the 1920s – it can be supplemented with shoes of the era: with a strap and a steady heel, a long cigarette holder, a low parting. Viscose, polyamide. 2999 rub. , Mango

Grace itself. A narrow, strictly gray dress with an accent on the waist – a knitted ornament. Polyester, viscose. 2690 rub. , Motivi

Black and white cinema. Fashion for the 70’s can not do without the narrow sarafans, which the girls then wore over the turtleneck. Wool, acrylic. 3739 rubles. , Sisley

Lightning-fast solution. Dark gray sarafan with asymmetrical hem and zippers. Polyester, viscose. 3190 rub. , Motivi

Merry 60’s. Knitted dresses based on the fashion of the 60’s, it seems, just can not get bored, well, you can tie a scarf every day in a new way. Viscose, nylon, wool, angora. 1999 rub. , Promod

Top Model. Knitted dress with a belt for an ideal figure. Acrylic, wool. 5350 rubles. , Sinequanone

All this grunge. Pleasant to touch knitted dress for a playfully casual image – plus an ethnosum with fringe, thick pantyhose, fashionable coarse boots with a thick heel. Wool, nylon, cashmere. 1999 rub. , Zara

Cappuccino. A variegated, tight knit dress with flared sleeves will look good with light knitted pantyhose and coarse suede boots on the wedge. Acrylic, mohair. 2690 rub. , Motivi

The student. The heroines of the films of the 70s about the first love always dressed like that: a knitted sarafan plus a turtleneck. Cotton, viscose, polyamide. 2999 rub. 799 rubles. , Mango

Tweed from above is better. A coarse sundress with a large collar, a tightening leather cord, is underlined. To him is a cotton ivory turtleneck. Wool, acrylic. 3999 rubles. 799 rubles. , Mango

Purple ball. A dimensionless, free-falling dress in the spirit of disco 70’s with kimono sleeves. Wool, acrylic. 3739 rubles. , Sisley

North wind. The most relevant in this season is a dress-sweater with a northern ornament, to which are attached knitted sleeves. Acrylic, mohair. 2699 rub. , Benetton

Peacock eye. A warm dress, gowned downward, with a large pattern. There is nowhere to retreat – funny funny boots are needed. Acrylic. 1995 rub. , Garage

Eminence grise. A soft tunic with kimono sleeves, belted with silk ribbon, decorated with an “order” of chains, bugles and metal. Nylon, viscose, cotton. 1999 rub. , Promod

Megapolis. The sun-warmed sundress, painted with sketchy skyscrapers, will look great with boots on a flat sole. Acrylic. 1995 rub. , Garage

Good girl. A dark blue dress with a flared skirt and a bow on the underlined waist. It will perfectly match with low-heeled shoes and a bag with a hint of a portfolio. Viscose, nylon. 1999 rub. , Zara

Psycho. Straight warm dress with a violent psychedelic pattern and a wide collar. Acrylic. 1995 rub. , Garage

Life of insects. A warm, flared down dress with a childlike touching collar is of the same immodest length. Acrylic. 1995 rub. , Garage

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