Hair: are the trends 100% worth a re-hash

Originally, the draw was nostalgia. It’s a novelty for nineties kids – now that we’re all grown up – to re-hash the velvet headbands and metal snap clips we wore in primary school. It’s a weird blend of comfort and cool.

Now, we can all live out our Julia Roberts fashion fantasy in a way our six year-old selves couldn’t quite pull off.

Trends are supposed to come and go, but far from a quick flash in the pan, we’re all still talking about 90s hair months (and months) after we first decided it was worth a new spin.

Given there’s a whole decade of references to get stuck into, it’s unsurprising that this one’s the gift that keeps giving. Since scratching the surface with the gemstone hair accessories Simone Rocha brought back for SS18, our re-immersion into nineties hair trends has seen us resurrect scrunchies, crimping, tendrils, claw clips and chunky highlights. Now we’re even dusting off butterfly clips and those colourful cotton-wound braids we all used to get on holiday.

Really, we’re knee-deep in nostalgia, but we’re flexing the individual style we’ve accrued since we were tweens, to make it fashion.

Butterfly clips

We might not have worn these since we graduated from jelly shoes, but this is a playful way to do something different with our hair. It’s fun, cute and screams good vibes – something we can very much get behind.

Crimped hair

Tight Lady Marmalade crimps have stretched into a looser, more modern style. In contrast to beach waves, it’s zig-zagged and more deliberate, but it still feels casual, wearable and cool.


This year, Dua Lipa, JLo and Margot Robbie brought tendrils back onto the red carpet and over on the gram, we’ve been seeing them crop up more and more. There’s two ways to wear them, dead straight and chunky, like Dua, or wispy and relaxed.

Baby Braids

Ladies leave your man at home, because baby braids are back and it’s time to take them for a spin. Destiny’s Child-style micro braids are replacing chunkier styles as a fresh go-to. Even better, soup them up with colourful elastics, or keep a couple of braided tendrils loose at the front for 2-for-1 nineties realness.

Stacked clips

This trend goes to celeb hair-stylist, Justine Marjan, whose hair accessory collab with MyKitsch has helped to bring back the snap clip in a big way. Stack ’em up, the more the merrier, to embellish ponytails, plaits or side partings, or stick to a single snap clip either side of your fringe.

Wrapped braids

Back in the day we’d get these every summer when we went on holiday. Yes they were a mare to get out three weeks later, but they were worth it, weren’t they? Now they’re back and as bright as ever. A cheery addition to your outfit.


Now they’re back, we wonder why scrunchies ever went out of fashion. They’re cute, the add extra interest to an outfit, and they’re more gentle on hair. Part of the first wave of nineties comebacks, they’re now a staple amongst the fashion set.

Beaded braids

We used to trade beads on the playground, and we’d built up quite a collection before everyone gave up on the whole thing and moved on. Now they’re back and they’re a quick way to razz up dinky braids. Cute.

Claw clips

Claw clips: an accessory that takes approximately seven seconds to fasten up into a chic twist, doesn’t require heat styling, barely requires a brush and still looks fantastic. Rachel Green was onto something…

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