June 19, 2024

9 Pinterest-Worthy Ways To Upcycle Old Window Treatments

Decorating your home should be one of the most fun and personal projects you jump into. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first apartment or third home – the way you decorate should represent your personality and lifestyle.

But unless you have a bank to break, redecorating can get expensive fast. Fortunately, there are ways to add creative decorative touches without blowing your budget.

Upcycling is no longer just a fad du jour – it’s turned into a cultural phenomenon. Discarded window treatments are often overlooked when we think up/recycling. When it’s time to replace those old curtains, shutters, or shades, check out these nine ways to reuse them before heading to the trash.

You not only save some money, but you create something unique and original. Plus, don’t you love to say, I did it myself?


Desk organizer

Unclutter your desk with a pair of hinged shutters. Turn it into an organizer for notes, calendars, business cards, even photos.

Card display

Hang shutters on the wall to display holiday cards. After all, your friends took the time to send them, so why not show them off?

Roller or Roman Shades

Customized kid’s window treatment

Unroll a Roman shade, hand the kids a box full of colorful fabric markers and let them create their own original “painting” on it. Rehang it in their bedroom window so they can admire their work each time the shade is closed.

Original canvas

Think of a vinyl shade as a blank canvas and show off your inner Picasso. Staple it onto a wood frame, then gather paint and brushes and let your creative juices flow.

Woven Wood Shades

Patio privacy

Bamboo or woven wood shades add filtered light and texture to a space, but if the old ones have seen better days, consider taking them outdoors when you’re done with them. Hang them from the balcony or patio roof for extra privacy and sun protection.

Room dividers

Wood shades also make unique room dividers. Hang them from cup hooks screwed into the ceiling to separate the space. Carve out a reading nook in the TV room or “hide” the home office from the dining room.

Jewelry organizer

A loose-weave shade makes a great jewelry organizer. Have all your earrings front and center to make getting ready in the morning easier. Add Christmas ornament hooks or pieces of wire to display necklaces and bracelets.

Vertical Blinds

DIY headboard or garden trellis

Separate the slats and weave them into an interesting pattern. Trim off the edges, then staple them to a wood frame. Use it as a headboard or garden trellis or display it as modern art.

Inspirational art

Arrange the slates horizontally, attach to a wood frame then write your favorite saying or quote on the slats. If your handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, try using alphabet decals instead. The result is another original piece of art for your wall.

No matter the type of window treatment you use, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction knowing you created a unique project that shows off your personal style.

Abigail Sawyer is a Senior Social Media Specialist for Blinds. com. She’s a home improvement junkie who is happiest when crafting or whipping up a new recipe. She never passes up a chance to hunt for treasures at a flea market and believes every room needs something old to give it a perfectly-imperfect feel. To find new Roman shades for your home, visit the Blinds. com website – then turn your old shades into a unique DIY project.

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