9 picture frames to jazz up your walls

So you’ve finally configured your home to look just the way you want it: with your midcentury-inspired sofa holding court in your living room, and a vibrant rug under your feet. You’ve placed funky side tables at just the right angles – taking care not to disturb the equilibrium of the space by competing with the coffee table. Even your TV looks good on its console.

But you might find that something is still lacking. Your eye scans the room and you realize that everything is at a single level. What is the point of high ceilings if you’re not going to highlight them? you ask yourself.

This is where wall art comes in. A framed photograph or artwork can do wonders in enlivening a space as well as drawing your gaze upward. But before you start planning your gallery wall, you’ll need some good frames. Below are a few solid options – including gallery wall kits – to kickstart your frame-hanging adventures.

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