May 19, 2024

9 Nail Trends 2023 Will Be Seeing A Whole Lot Of

When it comes to our manis, glazed donut nails reigned supreme last year, alongside Frenchies in all different shapes and sizes (micro, chunky, almond). As for what nail trends 2023 has in store, expect to see more of the same, only with some cute updates.

Maximalism is also coming in hot, with 3D nails, gemstones, crystals and nail stickers all bringing extra drama and personality. Y2K is here in full force with the revival of nail piercings and the glazed donut’s big sis is about to make its introduction, so keep your eyes out for lipgloss nails.

Here are the biggest nail trends 2023 will be seeing a whole lot of…

3D Nails

As seen on the likes of Lizzo, Saweetie and Dua Lipa, 3D nails are the maximalist trend that’s truly the opposite of shy and retiring. We’ve seen plastic gummy bears, cutesy hearts, spirals and gems bedazzle nails for a statement-making mani. Want in early on the trend?

Look to artists like Park Eunkyung (better known by @nail_unistella), her K-beauty creations have helped set the tone for some of the biggest viral nail trends, including 3D nails and airbrush nails. She’s your gal for all things OTT.

New ways to wear glazed donut nails

More of a minimalist? Hailey Bieber’s nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt (better known by @nailsbyzola) helped create 2022’s smash-hit glazed donut nails and a handful of gorge remixes since, such as the phwoar candy cane glazed rendition she painted Hailey for Christmas. We’re expecting to see more gorgeous updates as we head into spring.

Press-on nails

Press-on nails are nothing new but interest has soared over the past few months with endorsements from Lizzo and Kim K sparking and intensification in interest. And luckily for us, brands like Lottie London, Kiss and Elegant Touch are upping their game when it comes to press-ons we can swap in and out without damaging our nails as much as gels and acrylics do.

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