May 24, 2024

9 means weeks from Xenia Wagner

Ne think I’m finally recovered from buthelezi and so long withheld #kseniavagner_of bancaassurance. No, my case is chronic, I just, as always, saved the best for You, and in a fit of graphomania scribble sheet. So, companions, beauty staff have to report:

Facial scrub Perfect, 3Lab

The good soldier in winter, when aggressive cleansing is particularly not recommended.

Gentle and workhorse – no scratchy, but smooth and clean then worthy. For me the lack of tightness is a must because the skin is prone to dryness, and tightness is always a signal of damaged protective layer.

Скраб для лица Perfect, 3Lab

Well, radinka, stroking the tube, sniffs and grunts: one bit is enough for my whole face. About the wonderful tonic brand told here.

Lotion NCTF-Essence, Filorga

Лосьон NCTF-Essence, Filorga

In 1978 the laboratory Filorga, brainchild of doctor of aesthetic medicine Michel Tordjman began with NCTF (New Cellular Treatment Factor) – an injectable cocktail of hyaluronic acid and 50 active components. The complex quickly caught on among doctors of aesthetic medicine, and is still Filorga is an active player in the field of injectables (today in the world sold more than 3 million injectable vials with a cocktail). Therefore, home care is not a spa-pampering, and dermo-cosmetic line created on the basis of small invasive anti-aging procedures. If it quite simply: the profile of the brand – anti-age. And it can not inspire the 31-year-old mother of three children.

Lotion, in addition to the said complex contains molecules that keeps the water – what promises deep and lasting hydration in just 30 minutes and do not lie! Comfort, hydration, glow and a feeling of instant revival of the skin is. And no film – so much so that someone such the rate of absorption, it might even seem too much, but for me perfectly, for I am always skeptical of “umetnosti”. Lotion and told to apply under the cream, which I did, and do is the (infrequent! ) when you use up the whole jar.

PS: has Anyone tried other means to mark, label, comrades! After the lotion I brought into the plan meso-mask.

Gel shower mousse “Honeysuckle-Shea,” L’occitane

Гель-мусс для душа «Жимолость-Карите», L'Occitane

Elegant bottle – a collaboration of the brand with the fashion House CASTELBAJAC Paris, but for me another is important: when the dispenser gives the palm groooovy, fragrant foam ball meringue, I fall into a Zen trance, ecstasy, in short, I no. It is tactile and olfactory pleasure, which once washed away all the fuss is about, the whole long day mileage, correspondence in business chat rooms and so on and so forth. Spend this foam on the shoulder – and as if all my kids kiss me at the same time. Happiness! And about the magical oil brand wrote here.

Body butter Ceramidin Dr. Jart

Масло для тела Ceramidin, Dr. Jart

Koreans Dr. Jart is not used in the production of mineral oil – including why the majority of their funds are quickly absorbed, specifically this oil doesn’t turn feet in sprat for the whole day. Yes, food, Yes, instant “anticrease” effect, but after about 15 minutes – just smooth, nourished skin without a greasy Shine. In pantyhose season – a godsend! And it doesn’t smell like anything – and so (unlike many “natural” oils) do not argue with either the perfume or natural scent (and I have large his fans 6 months of age).

Skin Instant Glow Skin Tint, Lumene

Тональное средство Instant Glow Skin Tint, Lumene

When I was ten, my mom had blue bottles of this Finnish brand. Now they are not blue and are not as available (recently marketers have fished brand from the lake of oblivion and a good “shaken up”), but the magic and the ingredients in the formulations remained. Here is red algae, organic Northern birch juice, wild cloudberries. Who is all? Those whose skin is dry or prone to dryness, who loves the coverage, from light to medium (loose), looking for hypoallergenic formula, ready to apply the gel with your fingers (with a brush or spondees uncomfortable), wants easy natural radiance and comfort.

I generally liked it, but it the winter will be enough (to go out), but as a base under something tight will definitely come in handy.

Mask for colored hair, “the Geranium” (Elixir Lights), LÓreal Paris

Маска для окрашенных волос «Герань» (Эликсир Сияния), LÓreal Paris

Alkogoliki that appeal to You: there are no silicones (that, however, is a joy not only for acoholic) and dyes, and packaging from recycled material.

But there are so many oils: essential flowers of geranium obtained by distillation, coconut and soy “for instant natural radiance”. The word “natural” is the key: a mirror finish, as advertised, of course not. But the hair is so soft (silicones-no-no! ), what I want to touch them again and again, and the smell of all the broadcasting companies appropriate – while fetching the mask, the bathroom is not a bathroom, and a flowered garden.

I advise those who painted, looking for formula, does not weigh hair down, cares about nature and loves the perfume. I alternate with other masks and his Bank have halved, (put generously, but even that doesn’t kill the volume).

Now let’s talk about flavors.

What is the smell of autumn?

…. In childhood – rotten leaves that siradisi a very long stick, Granny’s Apple pie in the kitchen with a shade, shaggy asters, drenched with rain.

…. In high school, the twilight freshness, a little smoke, a page of an old textbook and first kiss.

…. As a student of wine, skin, warmed by the sweater, peppermint candies, someone’s sweet breath, the warmth of the taxi or train to the subway.

And in adult life every autumn smells different. This year in my #kseniavagner_парфюмерныйгардероб three main things “out”.

Perfume Burberry Her Burberry

Парфюмерная вода Burberry Her, Burberry

New this year, floral, fruity, sweet greetings from Francis Kurkjian. Notes – raspberry, strawberry, cherry, Jasmine, amber, musk, patchouli, vanilla, and all together – like pink cotton candy on a stick from childhood. And yet, the smell is, on the contrary, in the girls ‘ bottle – adult elixir, but without my grandmother’s East, South or cloying concept West.

Classic, but not simple, calm but not dull, elegant but not pension. Wear and dance recitals, and family dinners, and just when I want smiles and candy.

Perfume Vetiver Tonka Hermes

Парфюмерная вода Vetiver Tonka, Hermes

I know, I know, wrote about it three hundred times already. But what is the fall without the warm light vetiver? I was 15 when I heard it for the first time. I was in the 10th grade, was painted as the girls from “Beverly hills 90210” and poured spirits, recognizable from the first note. Of course, I heard it in a perfume shop. Not on the same high school as me. The smell is not about the crowd and advertising, do not for teenage storms and first kisses. He came to me in the company of adults, the keys to the Porsche in his pockets. It brought one of those women that enter the room – and all unwittingly, right back. But men breathe more often, you look hotter and expose the chest forward. And still, 15 years later, he is – a very expensive and exclusive. Wear… everywhere. Panting with happiness.

Perfume Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin, Guerlain

Парфюмерная вода Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin, Guerlain

Eastern gourmet: spices, vanilla, rum, cocoa and pepper – a recipe, if you want to be eaten.

One of the most original dessert flavors for 13 years of my beauty career. Winter is especially good – in a couple of velvet, cashmere, matte lipstick… or full nude: in bed all day under the blanket and smell grated chocolate.

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