June 17, 2024

9 Expert Tips to Help You Talk to Your Kids About White Privilege

While BIPOC families may deal with this on a daily basis, white children are often not forced into the conversation in the same way. And while you can’t approach the topic of race with kids the same way you would with an adult, it is extremely important to have those conversations.

Talking about race with your kids is a necessity, not an option. Often in school, kids are taught about segregation, and Rosa Parks, and peaceful sit-ins, learning how to label overt racism as “bad” without understanding the nuance and harsh reality of systemic racism.

Especially now, as marches flood the streets, rallies cry out against injustice, and powerful voices speak the names of the Black people whose lives were taken from them, white families are forced to consider whether they’ve done enough. If you’re afraid the answer is no, you’ve already made the first step – now it’s time to take action.

According to Arizona-based K-12 school counselor Kelsey Faber, oftentimes parents’ first instinct is to unload an abundance of guidance onto their kids in an effort to help them untangle the world, to ensure that their children aren’t part of the problem.

But while it’s important to learn how to talk about white privilege with kids, there are certain tactics parents can use to make conversations about race more effective. Whether you are feeling completely lost or just want to make sure your discussions are successful, these expert tips are designed with kids in mind.

Hong Kong Disneyland Reopened on June 18 – See the Photos as Guests Return to the Park

Hong Kong Disneyland began its phased reopening plan on June 18, opening its doors to guests for the first time since closing temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic on Jan. 26. It’s the second Disney resort to open up following Shanghai Disneyland, which reopened on May 11.

As of its initial reopening, a majority of Hong Kong Disneyland’s attractions, restaurants, and shops are open, but the park is taking guests at a limited capacity and has rolled out enhanced health and safety procedures such as mask-wearing and social distancing.

“Creating magic today means even more to us than ever before. This was especially apparent as thousands of talented and dedicated Hong Kong cast members came together to take great care in preparing the park for the return of our guests,” read a June 18 statement on the Disney Parks Blog. “As we reopened our park today, we reflected on the strength and resilience of our community, the perseverance of our cast members, the support from our guests and the unwavering commitment of our medical responders. To each of these groups – we thank you for your significant contributions that helped lead us to this special moment. . . Today serves as an important step forward for Hong Kong Disneyland. We are excited not only about upcoming milestones for our park, but also for the rest of our Disney parks around the world. ”

In the US, Walt Disney World has already opened Disney Springs, and will open Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11, followed by Hollywood Studios and Epcot on July 15. Meanwhile, Disneyland will reopen Downtown Disney on July 9 and its parks on July 17. Keep scrolling to see photos of what Hong Kong Disneyland’s reopening amid the pandemic looks like, as well as a video put together by the park.

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