9 Celebrities Who Are Pro-Pubic Hair #NoShaveNoShame

We’re all for celebrities keeping it real, especially when it raises awareness about women being shamed for totally normal things like body hair. Hair is hair. Everyone has it.

And according to doctors, your hair down there actually serves a pretty important purpose: Pubic hair provides protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens. Still, statistics show that women regularly groom their pubic hair because they believe it makes their genitals look more attractive or it better suits their partner’s preference.

Pubic hair is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. In the video for her recently-released song, “PYNK,” Janelle Monáe proudly wears underwear with her bush peeking out of the sides. She describes the empowering anthem as “a brash celebration of creation, self-love, sexuality, and pussy power!”

But she’s not the only one working to remove the stigma around pubes. Ahead, other celebrities who have shown no shame when it comes to sporting a bush

Amber Rose

If you are familiar with Amber Rose, you know she’s long been a body hair activist. When she bared her pubic hair to over 15 million followers in June 2017, Instagram was quick to take it down. But this only encouraged the female entrepreneur to start the #bringbackthebush challenge and helped to promote her SlutWalk, an annual festival for “raising awareness about sexual injustice and gender inequality.”

Ashley Graham

One of the loudest and proudest body positive activists, the model DGAF if you don’t like her curves, cellulite, or bush for that matter. “Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference,” she said in an interview with Glamour. Preach

Cameron Diaz

“Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer,” the actress wrote in her book, The Body Book. “Also, let’s be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia major is not immune to gravity. Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life?”

Khloe Kardashian

On her app, the Revenge Body star wrote: “I’m all about the landing strip. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird, in my opinion – especially when you have tits and an ass. I don’t like looking at an adult woman and seeing nothing down there.” She even shared her eight-step guide to “keeping fresh down there,” which includes an intimate cleansing wash, soothing cream, and, of course, the Vajacial.

Solange Knowles

In 2010, the singer-songwriter tweeted, “Who ever invented the bikini wax was an evil creature. Who said bushes need to b gone?!” We couldn’t agree more – bikini waxes hurt.

Emma Watson

“I use Fur Oil. I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair. It’s an amazing all-purpose product,” she told Into The Gloss in March 2017. So, we’re just assuming she has it.

Busy Phillips

“…After I had my daughter I had this real epiphany. I felt like it would be really fucking weird if I had no hair on my vagina, because I have a little girl and I want her to look at me and think that grown women have hair on their vaginas!” Not to mention, new mothers have enough to worry about.

Mayim Bialik

When asked about her shaving habits by Kveller, the Big Bang Theory actress responded like a feminist queen: “If we never told girls to shave, would they? If we modeled a cultural acceptance of our body hair, would they spontaneously feel the need to remove it weekly, monthly, or daily? If we all wore bathing suits that covered our natural forms instead of the form that only hairless young girls who have not birthed babies can wear, would our girls and boys have a more or less realistic notion of what the human body ‘should’ look like?”

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