9 Adjustable Lamps for Small Spaces

In a very small room, every single item needs to do more than one thing. Seating might also contain storage; the table could also be a desk if you clear away a place setting.

Lights, especially, need to be multifunctional, because you definitely don’t have room to involve a ton of them. To the experts who say, “layer your lighting!” – in other words, buy and make room for a zillion lamps just because that’ll look nice – we say, how about getting one or two that work harder instead?

The trick is to look for lights that twist and swivel and bend, so that, no matter where you put them, the glow can be beamed in multiple directions.

Mount a swiveling wall sconce strategically and it can illuminate your bedside table and the adjacent armchair, depending on how you tilt it.

The same goes for adjustable floor and table lamps: Tilt the shade skyward when you’re not in work mode to brighten up the whole room, and then back toward your lap when you need a spotlight on your book before bedtime. See? Who needs two lamps when you can have one that does more?

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