June 21, 2024

8 Websites like Omegle That Let you Chat with Strangers

Omegle is a great idea in theory. It’s a website that links you with complete strangers to chat about whatever you like. You can stick to text or video and talk about hobbies, interests or random stuff.

As always, there are lots of other websites that offer much the same thing. Here are eight other websites like Omegle that let you chat to strangers.

I say great in theory as it encourages you to talk to people you may not normally mix with in the real world. The reality is more of a mixed bag. Use the site for long enough and you will quickly realize that may users are scammers, marketers or people wanting to ‘encourage’ you to join a pay site to chat more freely.

There are some genuine users too, you just need to sort through the trash to find them.

NSFW. Some of the websites in this list are suitable for all internet users while others are either unmoderated or unmonitored. We all know what happens when nobody is looking so it is fair to regard them as Not Safe For Work.


Tinychat is more about video than text but has a good volume of users and allows you to create your own room or join someone else’s. There is a bit of everything here, politics, drugs chat, games, girls, boys, movies, interests and the general weirdness the internet is capable of.


Camfrog is similar to Tinychat in that it is mainly video, based around rooms and has the same random variety of people, places and subjects. Camfrog seems more international in its user base which is very interesting as long as language doesn’t get in the way.


Chatroulette is a very popular Omegle alternative but it requires Flash and won’t work if you use adblockers. The sheer number of people who use the site may make it worthwhile disabling your protections for a little while. You will need to register to use this site using your phone number. While annoying, this means there are fewer scammers on here.


If you ever used Yahoo Messenger, Chatrandom should be instantly familiar. Chatrandom was born out of frustration with Chatroulette and offers a very similar experience with none of the restrictions. Chat is often adult-oriented but there are specific rooms for non-adult chat too. The ability to set preferences for the randoms you are paired with makes Chatrandom better than Omegle in my eyes.


Despite the incredibly suggestive name, FaceFlow is one of the least adult-oriented websites like Omegle. The UI is good, the range of people is a real mixture and chat is genuinely about all sorts and not just trying to hook up or get pics. You do need to sign up to use it but aside from that is a very good site to meet new people.


DittoFish is good in that it offers a great interface, easy access to chat and a wide range of subjects. It is not so good in that it requires a Facebook account to log you in, which means it will quickly know everything about you. Aside from that, if you want to meet randoms and waste a few hours chatting about whatever you like, DittoFish is okay.


Hey-People looks a little different with its all-black interface but it offers the same random chat options as the others in this list. Join the site, enable cam and audio and choose from Nothing Special, Dating, Small Talk, Freak Show or Adult Stuff and begin chatting right away. The site is simple, unfussy and gets you chatting quickly. Not more you can ask really.


iMeetzu began as a pure text chat site but has developed into video chat and dating too. The base app enables rooms, random chats, video streams and more. This site is more about the dating side of chat than the others here but there are still non-dating and non-adult chats happening all the time.

Chat safely while online

All of those eight websites like Omegle that let you chat to strangers make it easy to meet new people and chat about anything. The majority of the people you meet will be nice, genuine people with common interests but some will not be that nice. Follow these guidelines to keep yourself safe while chatting.

  1. Never give out personal information.
  2. Create a new or disposable email address to use with the chat app.
  3. Never join a chat website with your real Facebook profile. Create a new or fake one if the website demands use of Facebook or try another site.
  4. Never offer to meet someone you meet in chat unless you are really sure about them. Even then, don’t go alone or tell someone where you are going and with whom.
  5. Don’t have anything identifiable in the video frame. Scammers will use it to target you.
  6. Don’t do or say anything in chat that you wouldn’t want recorded. It is possible to record live chat and you should consider that the person you’re chatting to may be doing just that.

Chatting online is great fun and an excellent way to meet new people. As long as you are careful while you’re doing it, your chatting experience should be an overwhelmingly positive one.

If rules bore you, I suggest making it a little more fun. Create a persona to use in chat. Make up a name, a new birthdate, new home city, new job, new qualifications and anything else you like. Use this persona online and it will not only keep your real details secret from any scammer, it also adds an extra element to your interactions.

The requirement for a Facebook login leaves you exposed more than you might think. As part of your persona, why not create a fake Facebook page to go with it? You can enter all the details you created for your persona and use it wherever you go online. Then you can share whatever of that personal you like without compromising your real identity!

Do you have suggestions for websites like Omegle that let you chat to strangers? Tell us about them below if you do!

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